I have heard a great deal about a production called “The Chosen.” I haven’t seen it because we just recently got streaming services, but I do plan to do so someday. Supposedly, it is Biblically accurate, but I would like to check that out for myself.

In the meantime, I am one of “the chosen” of God. He chose me and then gave me a job to do for Him.

God chose me not so that I could sit around and bask in His glory or sit idly by while others do not know the truth about His Word and His way to salvation. He chose me and then He sent me to bear fruit. I think that my bearing fruit for the Lord goes hand in hand with my asking God for answers to prayers and He answers them. If my prayers are according to His will, which all has to do with leading others to Christ, then I can expect that God will answer. Maybe not the way I want or when I want, but He always answers. The fruit that we bear for Him remains eternally, just as we have eternal life with Him.

Have a blessed day and may you feel the call of being chosen to serve and lead others to the fruitful life of eternity with God.

So That

This verse made me pause in my devotions this morning. Not the part about being chosen, royal and holy (although those adjectives are really awesome if you think about the fact that they are describing us). But what I focused on were the two little connecting words, the “so that.” Read what follows. We are chosen, royal and holy so that we can declare His goodness to others, telling them what it feels like to leave the darkness and live in the light. This world has a lot of darkness in it, doesn’t it? It makes me feel hopeful that within me (and you) is a light that cannot be extinguished, a light that makes us different, a light that makes us chosen, royal and holy. We did nothing to deserve that light, but we can do something to help others live in that “marvelous light.” We can tell others! So that they may know and may join the family of God and also be chosen, royal and holy. Come one, come all! Bow at the feet of Jesus and accept Him as Lord and Savior, so that….