One of the words that is not used often in today’s world but is one that is active is ”scoffers.” These people, according to are those who make fun of or mock beliefs, especially moral and religious ones. If you don’t look around and notice a boatload of scoffers in the world today, then I don’t think you are paying attention. I am concerned for those who mock God and His coming judgment because the “Day of the Lord” is coming whether they believe in it or not.

Thinking that they are secure in their own worship of self and their own choices of evil, they mock God and are kind of saying, “Uh-huh. Sure. God is going to judge and Jesus is returning. Yeah, right.” Unfortunately for them, that day is coming. We don’t have to know when; we just have to believe and wait.

The Day of the Lord will be a fearsome and terrible day, coming when we least expect it. As one who likes to be organized and prepared for every possible eventuality, I have studied the Scriptures for years about that coming day and what I am supposed to do to be ready. The answer are simple and straightforward, summarized by Peter.

Did you hear that flourish of trumpets that played a “ta=dah” kind of note? Since everything as we know it will be destroyed, we should be living godly and holy lives. We are not to join in with the scoffers, the unbelievers who are digging their own grave to the pit of eternity separated from God. We are to choose rightly, stay close to God and trust that in the end, He will take care of us. He took care of Moses, Daniel, Noah and Abraham and He is no respecter of persons. He loves us just as much and gives us a guidebook about how to be living while we wait. Just as you cannot adequately create a new dish in the kitchen or put together a complicated toy for Christmas without directions, neither can you lead a holy and godly life without the directions that are contained in the Holy Bible.

As you ponder the truth of God’s Word, may you be blessed with peace and the absolute certainty that God is indeed coming in judgment, but there is no fear for those who remain in Him. Have a blessed and wonderful day in the Lord!

Step Out

I am one who likes to bask in my comfort zone and hardly ever choose to leave it. Recently, when we came to Maryland for a Thanksgiving holiday visit, I was faced with being thrust out of my comfort zone suddenly and without notice, and I was not happy about the circumstances. Once again, my son’s regular caregiver quit taking care of his children to take a seasonal job, so the family was left without a babysitter. I was aware that this might happen, but in the back of my mind, I had told myself that we had reached thanksgiving and the young woman had no job yet, so I was probably going to just go home with my husband. Alas! On the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, that all changed and I have been called upon to care for grandchildren again. Now, that is not what the comfort zone was. I have cared for them before and didn’t have too many problems. No, the comfort zone I left behind was one of knowing and planning and organizing and having things with me that I think I need for a long stay. Nevertheless, I said that I would stay and God has been working out things for me to get my meds that I need, warm clothing and foods. In fact, there is a bonus to this year’s stay. I get to go home on December 10th for a week while the family goes to visit Disneyworld. Hurray! I said I would take on the challenge of gathering meds here, layering clothes and purchasing special foods and God met me where I was, holding out His hand to hold me up.

I’m sure that if you are familiar with the Bible story about Peter walking on the water towards Jesus, you know that he had to have the courage to step out of the boat before the confidence came that he could walk on water. Courage generally seems to precede confidence in the Lord. Later in the same chapter, Peter took His eyes off Jesus and began to sink. When we are in the middle of hard circumstances, that is when we are compelled to keep our eyes fixed on the Lord, regardless of what is going on around us. Once Peter got his eyes back on Jesus, he was okay again.

There are many Biblical examples of those who showed courage and received the confidence that they needed. Noah started building a boat when God directed him to do so. It seems that it took him almost six years to build the ark and there was no sign of rain. One pastor told us, and it made sense to me, that there had been no rain on the earth until the time of Noah. So, when God told Noah it was going to rain and flood the earth, Noah had no idea what to expect, but he dutifully and with courage followed God’s command. As a result of his faithfulness, Noah and his entire family were the only ones left on the earth. One of my favorite Bible stories is about Daniel and his friends being thrown into the fiery furnace. They had courage to be willing to sacrifice their lives for their belief in God and God took care of them IN the fire. Both Noah and Daniel exhibited extraordinary courage which resulted in more faith in God, both for themselves and those they encountered.

My point is that when Jesus gives you the opportunity to step out in faith, go ahead. He will meet you and hold you up if He has to and as a result your faith will grow. What a testimony you will have from just stepping out and letting courage precede confidence!

Have a blessed day filled with courage to step out each time God asks you to do so!

We Are Dust

The Lord who created us knows that we are but dust from the earth and one day our human bodies will return to the ground from which it was created. But our breath, our soul, the inner part of us came from the very breath of God. That is why I believe that life is sacred and not to be dismissed as not valuable. Today, mankind is generally led around by the current beliefs, whatever they may be. The current term is a being ”woke” but I actually think that the people of the earth are more asleep to the mighty power of God and His judgment that is coming than they have ever been.

Like dust, we are blown around by the winds of change, the opinions of man mattering more to many of us than the truth of God’s Word. My prayer and hope is that there will be a fresh wind of the Holy Spirit that blows into each life of each Christian. If I must be blown around, God grant that it will be with the wind of the Holy Spirit and not the hot air that man produces with his own ideas of right and wrong.

What settles dust blowing around? Rain! The refreshing rain of the Word of God that showers us with His truth about His love, grace, mercy and, yes, the judgment to come. I desire to be refreshed daily so I spend time in God’s Word allowing Him to speak to me. It’s amazing to me that some people never spend time with God and yet they think they have all of the answers to life’s problems. It’s not a possibility for them to have answers since they don’t even know what the questions are. Who made us? God. To whom do we owe everything we are and all that we have? God. Who decides our ultimate fate for eternity? God. I am praying that God will intervene in the sinfulness of our world and send His wind and His rain. But, whether he chooses to continue to strive with mankind or not, I do know that my life in Him is secure and I can trust Him to send His Holy Spirit to guide me and His rain to teach me.

It’s Beginning to Rain by The Gaither Trio


What does it mean to be a seeker, to seek God with all of your heart? I think that most of the time in most of my pursuits, I am half-hearted in my efforts. I do what I need to do to complete the task and no more. But I think a true seeker of God is “all in,” totally dedicated to finding out more about God’s character and truth from His word, wholeheartedly devoted to getting closer to Jesus. The goal of every Christian should be to be a seeker, not a watcher. A watcher just stands on the sidelines and views the action. The seeker jumps into the pool of the mysteries that are God, plunging completely into His Word and delving deeply into the secrets that His Spirit will reveal. I long to be a seeker daily and I am working on it, but I confess that sometimes I am only a watcher. I desire to find God in the ways that He wants to reveal Himself to me.

Have a beautiful and blessed day in the Lord. As you seek Him, may He give you the peace you need for the tasks for today.

A Servant in God’s Strength

I must admit that I make a very poor servant, especially when unexpected circumstances come up. A point in case is this week when I found out that I need to stay in Maryland. I haven’t been whining, not externally at least, but inside, every part of me has been saying, “But I had other plans. What about my plans?” Today, God spoke to me through His Word and gave me the answer I have been needing all along.

I am not as strong as I once was. I don’t have the stamina or physical capability to do many things, but I can do some things and God will help me through the next two months when I need to be a caregiver for my grandchildren. I pray that the ultimate result will be that God will be praised and get the glory for my being willing to serve. Therein is the secret to service…we don’t serve to get thanked or gifts. Rather, we serve to give all of the glory to God. May the children see Jesus in me as I love them in a special way during this season of giving. Instead of being all about me and what I am sacrificing, it has become all about Jesus and what He already sacrificed so that I could share His love with my young grandchildren.

May the Lord bless and keep you with His strength and lead you to serve for His glory.


No Condemnation

I don’t know about you all, but I personally have a tendency to kick myself repeatedly and hard about my shortcomings, especially the things I can no longer accomplish because of my physical problems. For example, since I will be staying in Maryland doing childcare again, I have been very anxious about what I cannot do for the toddler in my care. It’s hard for me to keep up with his activity level, so I have just been doing the best that I can and praying that God guards him from danger.

When I take time to ponder what’s in my heart (anger at the woman who let my son down again for the second year in a row) and to repent and ask forgiveness for my unrighteous feelings, I know that God doesn’t condemn me. He knows what is is my heart and how I long to go home to my normal routine. God doesn’t condemn me because of me and my actions or thoughts; He doesn’t condemn me because of the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. It is truly finished, so that I can feel confident in my ongoing relationship with the Father.

Have a blessed day, knowing in your heart and mind that God does not condemn you but forgives and welcomes you as a beloved child. Not perfect, just forgiven!

In Everything Give Thanks

No matter what the circumstance is, there is always something to be thankful for. Notice that the Scripture says IN every situation, not after you have made it through to the other side. I am facing a mountain right now and God spoke clearly to me this morning to give thanks to Him. After all, I have spent the last few weeks with posts about thankfulness and then a challenge comes around and I started whining and thinking of all of the negatives. It seems that my husband and I came to Maryland to visit family for Thanksgiving, but he will be leaving to go home without me because my son needs me to care for the youngest as I did last year. That was a vague possibility in the back of my mind since his normal caregiver is a family member who lives here in Maryland, and just as she did last year, she took another job. And, of course, gave the family no notice about her plans. Just a text that said, “On my way home from my new job.” I was angry at first at the numerous hardships this causes me, the inconvenience of not having enough warm clothes here or all of my extra meds. But I quickly calmed down, got my husband to pick up my OTC meds that I don’t have here and have become resigned to the fact that I will be here for most of the next two months. That may not seem like a mountain to most people, but the little one is now a very active toddler, and I am a very slow-moving Nanna who stays in pain from arthritis. That being said, God is always full of mercy and loving kindness and had helped me to make it through the days so far that I have been caring for him this week. God even put this verse into my mind this morning first thing when I awakened and emphasized the word “in” for me as His Spirit whispered soft words of encouragement for me. So, I’m facing a mountain but I won’t be alone because God is there. He knows my physical shortcomings and He promises to strengthen me and to keep me (and the little one) safe. I need to look at it as an opportunity to be a good witness and to be helpful during my aged years. Inconvenient? Yes, but a lot of opportunities are.

Give Thanks by Don Moen

Since today is Thanksgiving, I will cease my current theme unless the Lord leads me in this direction more. I just want to say to each of you that I am thankful for your taking the time to read, to comment and to share my blog. You are nameless and faceless friends, but you are important to me and you matter a great deal to the Lord.

May your Thanksgiving Day be filled with blessings that overflow from your heart to the hearts of those you love. Be blessed to be a blessing!

Thankful for Trust

Unfortunately for me, I have spent most of my life trying to be a “people pleaser.” That means that I want people to accept me and what I do, so I try to make choices to please others. Sometimes, my choices are not the best ones for me, as I have learned from experience. However, I have learned and I am learning that I need to be able to totally trust in God who knows what is best for me and loves me just like I am. I don’t have to do anything to impress him or to earn His approval. I already have that. Being able to trust in His unfailing love and acceptance has freed me greatly from the bondage that is wrapped up in man’s opinion. I am learning that freedom. I confess that I am not there yet and that I have to work on it every day, but I am learning and that is good enough for now. I trust that God understands my struggles and meets me right where I am. He is such a good God and I am thankful that I can completely trust Him!

May each of you find the freedom that comes from trusting God’s opinion of you and not that of man. The Lord’s opinion, after all, is the only one that counts. Have a blessed day!

Thankful for Grief

No, I am not having a pity party, and no, you are not invited to join. I am thankful for grief because of the memories it brings. Thanksgiving is a hard season for me although I will readily admit it has always been my favorite holiday. But twenty years ago, my mom died the week of Thanksgiving, shadowing the holiday in sorrow and grief that seemed to overwhelm me at times. My mom and I had a difficult relationship and as I have aged, I have come to the conclusion that we had trouble relating to each other because we are so much like each other. I like order, organization and plans. So did mama. I like to be quiet and reflective and read. So did mama. I tend to explode when things happen unexpectedly. So did mama. And on and on it goes. Thus, each Thanksgiving season, I ponder why I never felt really loved by my mother. She used to tell me how ugly I was (I look a lot like she did), told me I had to go to college and pay for it myself so I had better study hard in high school, and told me that I would have to work my whole life because no man would ever want me. Yes, mama was cruel at times, but I think it was because she was judging herself. I have a tendency to do that, too, but I hope and pray that I am not harsh as she was. When I find myself about to speak harsh words, I remember how deeply mama’s words cut me and try to control myself and my speech better. The long and short of it is that I am thankful for grief because it also brings healing from wounds that have festered for too long. I had to come to a place of forgiveness for my mom before I could really grieve for her. Now, each Thanksgiving, I realize that it is another year without her and I miss her smile and know that she would have loved being a grandmother because that is a great joy in my life. I’m sorry that her life’s choices led her to miss out on this part of her journey.

God’s love is always compassionate. He understands loss and grief. It was not His plan for man to die at all. That came from poor choices in the Garden of Eden and poor choices ever since, too. We are now all sinners saved by grace and each of us has to die. Each of us will grieve at some time in our lives, and I sincerely believe that God grieves with us, holding us close and comforting us when the grief rolls over us like high tide during a full moon.

One of the strange things about grief is the everyday tasks that suddenly and without any warning turn into tears streaming down the cheek. I can be in the grocery story getting ingredients for one of my favorite dishes and recall that mama used to make the same dish and tears come to my eyes. I see a grandchild do particularly well in an activity and tears spring out because I think about all that mama has missed. It’s a strange thing to go from happiness to grief in a split second. But just as quickly, the Comforter comes and reminds me of His love and grace and mercy and that He is always with me. Others may leave and I will never see them again on this earth. Just as one phone call shattering my night ended my earthly relationship with my mother, so sudden and unexpected is death. I want to leave behind happy memories for my children and grandchildren. That has been my goal since that Thanksgiving twenty years ago. I want them to remember the good times and rejoice that I have a relationship with God that gives me eternal life and them to, if they make that choice. God doesn’t love me or you any less than anyone else. We are all the same and He truly desires that we find out the truth about grieving. It is a process, part of our journey on earth, that we all must go through.

May your day be blessed with fond memories and sweet times with your family and friends as you create new ones together!