Quotations from Dr. Denison’s Forum

August 11, 2022 issue

But when we conflate our subjective opinion with objective reality, we step across what Francis Schaeffer called the “line of despair” into a world of chaos and nihilism. We deceive ourselves into believing that if we do not believe in God, he does not exist. If we do not believe in hell, we cannot go there. If we do not believe that the Bible is true, we can ignore its truths.

Theologian Julian V. L. Casserley illustrated this delusion by observing that a man who jumps from a tenth-story window does not break the law of gravity—he illustrates it.

Evangelism comes with risks in our anti-Christian culture, but when we share the gospel with the people we know, any cost to us in this world is worth their eternal life in the next.

Each morning, I pause beside this cemetery and pray, “Help me be ready for you to come to us or for me to go to you.”

This message from Dr. Denison that arrived in my inbox yesterday resonated with me and I hope that it speaks to you, too. The prayer especially spoke to my heart. He walks in the cemetery daily and this is his prayer. May it be the prayer of each of our hearts as the day draws closer for us to go to be with Him or for Him to appear to take us all home.