Thankful that God Is Trustworthy

I have to be completely honest about the recent election. I have been bummed out about the lack of morality shown in the choices of the people. It seems that not only has the U.S. turned its back on God, we are also thumbing our noses at Him and daring Him to respond. But as I read my devotional this morning, a few Scriptures calmed my mind and heart.

No matter the results of the election or who controls the White House or Congress, God is ultimately in charge. He never stepped off His throne and released it to the control of anyone, regardless of their political affiliation. Praise God for the freedom in this truth!

God has reigned since Creation and is still on the throne. Where has God been during the chaos of the recent election? Still on His throne. God does not always approve of mankind’s choices but He does allow us to make them. One day, He will judge all because of those choices and we need to acknowledge His authority now. God won’t be asking us if we are Democrat, Republican or Independent. He just wants to know if we sincerely believe that He is our God, the Only One who sent a Savior to redeem us. He deserves our worship and our trust because He alone is completely trustworthy.

The most comforting verse for me this morning is this one. God has not forsaken us and never will because we trust in Him. He is in control and is totally trustworthy. He doesn’t make promises and break them as the politicians do. He is not interested in “feathering his own nest” or making back room deals. God can be trusted with so much, ultimately including the destination of our souls. He promised and He can be trusted. And for that, I am thankful.

May your day be one filled with awe at the fact that our trustworthy God is in control so we need not fear, just trust.