Just As and Every Effort

It’s easy to be kind to people who are kind to us, but it’s a challenge sometimes to be kind to those who don’t treat us so well. But God’s Word tells us to treat all kindly and, more importantly, to forgive each other JUST AS Christ forgave each of us. It’s also easy to hold a grudge and then justify it because the other person’s actions were reprehensible. Fortunately, Jesus does not hold grudges, and we are to follow His example. “Just as” means in the exact same way as Jesus did. He even asked God to forgive His tormentors, even as He was undergoing excruciating torment on the cross. I have never been lead to a cross and nailed there, but Jesus was, for me and for you. If He can forgive in those circumstances, I am certain that I should be able to forgive the petty things that others do to irritate me. Even the things that I give great weight to and decide that I am justified in not forgiving, God tells me that I’m to forgive all because that is what Jesus did.

In another version, the “make every effort” is translated as “pursue.” In my youth, I pursued good grades, making every effort to get straight A’s on every report card. I was single-minded and totally focused on that goal. God exhorts us to make that kind of effort in living in peace with everyone. We are to show that we are holy, that is “set apart”, from what the world is doing and how they behave. Those who are pursuing peace should definitely be seen as different in this world of cultural wars.

Have a blessed day and remember to forgive “just as” Jesus did and to pursue peace with all. Your life will be better for it!

Just As

The most important words in this verse, in my opinion, are “just as.” It means the same way, like the Father. Sometimes I get prideful and pat myself on the back for showing mercy to others. But then I read this verse and I am reminded that I have not reached the place where I am showing mercy “just as” the Father does. I have a tendency to rush to judgment instead. My prayer is to be “just as” because that’s what God wants me to be.

May you have a blessed day, showing mercy to others just as the Father as shown mercy to you.