Never Forget

It is quite easy to be caught up in the busyness that is part of this season. There is cooking, planning, shopping, wrapping and then the get-togethers. It boggles my mind how every year it all seems to get done and then there is the end of the Christmas season and all goes back to “normal.” What if the normal thing was to dedicate the season to the Lord, just remembering all that He has done for each of us? What if the gifts, big meals and all of the other trappings of the holiday took second place to the King of Kings, the real reason that we celebrate?

Every day should begin with a praise to the Lord and a reason why you are thankful that day. I have to be purposeful in my thanks because I have a tendency to jump right into what I need instead of praising Him for what He has already done and is still doing. That is particularly true during this busy season. I have to slow down and take time to just be grateful for all He is doing in my life.

This has been a hard season for me, with only a short time at home, enjoying the quiet and the solitude that I crave before I jump back in my duties in another state. But, in this, too, I am thankful that I have my health and strength and can provide help when it is needed. The circumstances may not be my first choice, but I believe that they are God’s first choice for me, to show me how I can be useful even at my advanced years.

The second part of this verse truly speaks to my heart. God is absolutely trustworthy and has always been faithful and kept His promises. I am so thankful that I know Him as He is, the God who came down to mankind and reached out. And He is still reaching out to me and to you and to all who recognize His sacrificial love.

Have the best blessed day ever, remembering all of God’s promises and faithfulness to you. He is worthy to never forget!

Never Forget

I was teaching a Spanish class when the PA system interrupted my lesson to give us the news about what had happened in NYC and that school was dismissing early. We were to hold our students in the classrooms until the buses arrived. Students who were usually jubilant at early dismissal were somber, speaking in quiet voices if they spoke at all. Some were crying. I was silently praying. Then I went home and watched TV all day, waiting for news about my daughter-in-law who worked in NYC, only a few blocks from the World Trade Center. We did not hear that Melissa was safe until after midnight. Pregnant and frightened and covered in ash, she was well cared for by the heroes in the city and ended up finally getting a ferry back to her home in New Jersey. I was thankful that she was okay but so afraid of what was happening in the world. The Lord gave me the Scripture above at that time and each year, I remember. I know that He is close to those who are mourning today and I honor the sacrifice of the heroes who gave their lives that others may live.