Receiving God’s Rest

This promise was made to Moses and the Israelites as they wandered in the wilderness. God doesn’t say “you will rest.” He says firmly, “I will give you rest.” God says the same thing to each of us as we wander through life, sometimes aimlessly and without any notion of where the end will bring us. It is up to each of us to receive the rest that God offers us. His Holy Presence provides the security and comfort and total protection that we need no matter what we are facing, but we have to take time to just rest in Him and accept that He is there with us. This is particularly appropriate for me right now as I just returned from an extended stay in Maryland with my son and his family. I dropped a lot of balls that I have been juggling while I was there because my priority was caring for an active and mischievous toddler. Book reviews were put on hold. In fact, reading novels was mostly put on a back burner as I was usually too tired to read much when I headed to bed at the end of my long days. However, God promised me rest and I got it, in spite of illness, cold days and colder nights and general feelings of being too tired to rest well. God’s presence never left me, and I was ever aware of the strength that He was providing to help me to watch over little Nathan.

Now that I am home again, the pressure of book launches is there but it isn’t as stressful as it could be. Why not? Because God has promised me rest. I read a little when I go to bed but I don’t stay up late to do so. I turn off the light, pray and fall into a deep and restful slumber knowing that God is with me. And if He gives me a new day to serve Him and to do the work that I have committed to do, He will also be with me and help me to fulfill the commitments that I have made. His very presence gives me a calm peace and rest that can only come from Him.

Today, as you go about your busy day, I hope that you take time to acknowledge the presence of God and the peace and rest that will follow. His rest is the kind that will sustain you through all of the day’s challenges.


Today’s post is all about being the light. Here is a Scripture verse and quotations that I hope will speak to your hearts.

Once we are saved, we are just the beginning of reflecting His light on others.

Good advice for all of us. We don’t shine for ourselves; we should always shine for His glory.

When we trust Christ, we show others how to do so and in that way the message of peace is spread. It’s all about how we shine His light.

May your day be blessed with His peace and His light shining through you to a dark and troubled world.

Unwrap the Gifts

Not many of us can leave unwrapped presents lying around from one year to the next. Like children, we are eager to open the gifts spread under the tree and to find out what great surprise someone has given us. Yet, year after year, God offers us gifts and we leave them unwrapped, as if they are still nicely arranged under the tree of our lives.

Peace is a gift that keeps on giving, if we will just open it. It’s always there when we need it, but we have to make the choice to unwrap it and take advantage of the peace that comes from God. We don’t have to understand it to accept it. There are many gifts from God, but I think peace is the one that I unwrap the most. My life gets cluttered with chaos and unplanned activities that overwhelm me. So, I unwrap the gift of peace, sitting quietly in His presence and letting Him fill me with the peace that can only come from Him. Then, and only then, can I face each new day with a calm spirit, confident that God will be with me through the journey, no matter where it takes me.

May your day be blessed with peace as you unwrap the gift from the Lord and appreciate His presence in your life.

Thankful to Be Surrounded

As a child and young teen, I used to watch old westerns with my grandparents. Frequently, if not every show, the good guys (wearing the white hats, of course), called out to the villains who were hiding in a dilapidated building, “Come out with your hands up! There is no escape. We have you surrounded.” That led to the inevitable conclusion of the show with the good guys always winning. That being said, I am thankful to be surrounded, without the pressure that comes from wanting to escape.

You see, I am surrounded by God’s love, mercy and grace. I am surrounded by His total peace and the security that comes from being encircled by His loving care. I have already surrendered to Him and know that He is there to protect me from harm and sometimes from my own foolishness.

May you know the peace and security that comes from being surrounded by God’s presence in your life.


I was told for many years even before I finished high school that when opportunity knocks, I have to open the door. Today, this verse was in my devotional and reminded me of my grandparents’ saying and also expanded on it in a spiritual way. We are always to be ready to tell others about Jesus. There is a world of hurting people who need to know him and we need to seize the time that He has given us to share His love, mercy and grace with them. Yes, the days are evil, but God is good and we need to tell His Story to all who will listen.

I want others to find this rest that only comes from God. In the midst of life’s turmoil, you can find rest and peace in Him, knowing that He can be trusted with your eternal security.

Have a blessed day and when the opportunity arises to share about Jesus, jump in with faith and tell what He has done for you!


What does “unity” mean and how do we get there in this world that seems more divided each day? Many years ago, I studied in a history class the root causes of division between people, with my teacher instructing us that the basic problem was that some people have and others don’t. The ones who don’t want what the “haves” possess, so thus begins bitterness, envy and division. I believed what the teacher said then and I believe that this division has spread to families and even churches. Sadly.

I have been staying in NC in a home filled with the opposite of unity. There is bitterness, anger and unhappiness abounding. So, instead of good and pleasant, it is awful and very unpleasant. I am not happy here because I don’t feel that I can change anything, caught as I am between the factions that are determined to attack each other. Without the Lord, this situation is unredeemable, and I am doing all I can to stand in the gap and present God to them, the God of love, forgiveness and acceptance.

I have to pray a lot here, with a constant attitude of prayer, lest I lash out and tell my sibling how I see her actions and how she is hurting others. I can say a few things to encourage but nothing much that seems to be making a difference and that is discouraging. Still I persist and pray with my husband daily for strength, physical, mental and spiritual. The whole armor of God is a necessity here!

Speaking quietly and with soothing words seems to help some but it isn’t bringing the unity that I crave to see. Years of bitterness and resentment are seething under the surface, waiting to bubble out. Do I understand what is actually happening? Yes, of course. This is spiritual warfare!

The greatest example of love that Jesus gave us was His sacrifice on the cross. Thus, I am attempting daily to show love in practical ways so that some peace is found in the environment. It’s hard to be with someone who hates people just because of what they believe, but that’s where I am now. I’m at the point where I am praying and then trying to muddle through and make it to the end of my visit without damaging my own health too much. I am sure this is not what God envisioned when he made us a family, and I feel guilty about disappointing Him, but I don’t know what else to do but pray and stand.

This week has been beyond difficult for me, and I sincerely appreciate all of the prayers for me and this situation. I have five more days here and then I can go home and recover.

Have a blessed Saturday, my friends! Remember to hold your loved ones close and to show love to all whom you meet. You never know what a difference you might make!

Anxiety vs. Peace

I must confess that some things that happen cause more anxiety than others. Like when Tyler, our grandson, was badly injured in an accident. I was immediately caught up into the world of “what ifs” instead of using my God given gift of faith. Only a few seconds of heart-racing anxiety reigned before I recalled God’s love, power and faithfulness and began praying and calling on others to join me in prayer.

The peace that I felt as I prayed defied all logic. I was nine hours away and waiting for word from my daughter at the ER about Tyler’s condition. Many hours later, we got the news that his brain was not damaged. Again, hours passed, and we received the news of the extent of his injuries and that he was being sent home and later to specialists.

But the waiting did not end there. Neither did the prayers. So, an update on Tyler. He returned to the ENT this week about his ruptured ear drum. The doctor was amazed at the fact that Tyler’s ear drum had already repaired itself. He said that almost never happens so quickly. So, praise God! Continued prayer is needed though because Tyler’s ear drum did not totally attach itself to the surrounding tissue, so it is flapping around and creating annoying noises for him. And he cannot hear anything in that ear. The ENT says there is nothing else he can do but wait and see if the ear drum attaches and if the hearing returns to normal. However, I believe in the God of miracles, so I am believing for the ear to be made whole.

Tyler’s clavicle was fractured and when he want to the orthopedist, they told him that it was not aligning correctly and gave him a brace to wear for a few weeks, in hopes that it will pull it back where it belongs. When he returns to ortho, they will determine if he needs corrective surgery or not. Again, this is reason for anxiety, but more, it is a reason for my faith to kick in and for me to pray for his clavicle to get back where it belongs and to heal properly.

So, it’s my choice, just as it is yours. Are you overcome by anxiety or ruled by faith? Sometimes, the fear rears its ugly head and I have to choose to push it back and pray through the fear to the peace. God is always waiting there with open arms, offering me His peace. He has told me repeatedly that Tyler is His child and He loves him and is working things out for him. I believe…help my unbelief, and my anxious thoughts!

May your day be blessed with the peace that only comes from God and many answered prayers.

Finding Safety

Many of us seek safety and security in things or in other people. But the Bible teaches that it is the Name of the Lord that is our safety, our strong tower into which we can run to seek shelter. Buffeted by the world and all of the bad news that is reported daily, I find myself frequently just withdrawing and calling on God. His answer is to calm my spirit and reassure me that He is in control in spite of circumstances. I have needed that reassurance this week and I am thankful for His strength that has carried me back to calm waters.

May your day be blessed with worship, peace and the love of the Almighty surrounding you.