It has been seven plus years since I grabbed a salt shaker and liberally sprinkled it on my food. Any food I ate was doused with a few shakes of that magic shaker that made things taste better, even brussel sprouts. But, alas! After my stroke, my sodium intake is restricted, so I don’t add salt to anything these days. In fact, I read labels to make sure that there is little sodium in anything that I eat or drink. It makes for a bland palate sometimes but it is also keeping my blood pressure down and hopefully saving me the grief of another stroke.

On the other hand, I am called to BE salt, and so are you. I never realized how much flavor salt added until I wasn’t allowed to use it. So in being salt, you don’t know what you are adding to the world because you are just there, doing what you are supposed to do, sprinkling the presence of Jesus into the lives of those who need to see Him.

We are called to show others Jesus’s love, mercy, grace and encouragement. In so doing, we are liberally sprinkling Jesus from our hearts to the hearts of others, hoping that change will happen in their lives. Just as you sprinkle salt on your food and it “magically” tastes better, so your salt in the lives of others should be making their lives better in some way. A smile of encouragement, a thank you that is heartfelt, a blessing in the lives of people who go unnoticed from day to day and have lost their sense of purpose in life. We are the ones Jesus told to “go and be”. He did not say to stay at home and hope that everything turns out okay for the rest of the world. Each time we go out into the world, we are supposed to sprinkle it with truth, love, hope and His greatest attribute of forgiveness. Think about it. What can you do to be more like salt to a dying world? They are dying from spoilage, the spoilage that comes from having sin take over their lives. Whether you call it being “woke” or whatever, the same fate awaits them. They will die in their sins without the hope of salvation unless the salt that we are meant to be sprinkles the truth and stands firmly knowing that we are changing the world, one dash of salt at a time.

My blessing for you today:

As a former pastor used to tell us at the end of each message, “May the Lord bless you real good.”

March for Life

Today is the annual March for Life, taking place throughout the country. You can join in virtually by going to March for Life. It has never been more important that we stand for the sanctity of life, because the President in the Oval Office is signing executive orders making life cheap and easy to “get rid of”, even at taxpayer’s expense. I have heard all of my life that if you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything. I’m standing for life! When the President’s press secretary was asked how he could support abortion as a Catholic, her reply was that he is a “devout Catholic.” Really? Does the Catholic Church approve of abortions now? Actually, killing the unborn is a platform of the Democratic Party, supporting Planned Parenthood and the millions of abortions that this organization performs in the guise of healthcare. It’s not a choice! It’s a baby! Thus, I’m asking for you to attend the virtual March for Life, financially support the organization if you can, support Dr. James Dobson who has fought for life for decades. In my mind, it is absolute evil to sacrifice an unborn baby to Molech, which is what I consider abortion to be, a sacrifice to a demonic god. We are called to be salt so that the world will desire to drink of the pure water of life. Let’s be salt today!