Why I Like to Read

I think that I have always enjoyed reading, or at least I cannot remember a time when I did not like it. I was born with asthma so I was limited in the number of activities I was allowed to do, and reading was a safe one for me, so I immersed myself in books from a very young age.  I read all of the Bobbsey Twin books, then went on to read Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys.  I shared my mother’s love of Victoria Holt and Phyllis Whitney.  For a while, when I was a young wife, I read a lot of romance, including Danielle Steel and others.  I now read a lot of Christian fiction, mysteries, thrillers, and some non-fiction occasionally.  I read a lot of books from the library and post reviews on Goodreads.  I also read for Netgalley and love to be chosen to read some of the latest books before they are available to the general public.  So, I will share some reviews here as well as some of the happenings of my daily life that keep me reading as an escape.  I relax with a good book and forget that I had a stroke and could die any day, or maybe not.  I count my blessings daily that I have lived this long and that I have lived to see the birth of eight grandchildren and have enjoyed so many books. I am just taking one day at a time and one book at a time and loving the life that God has given me.


34 thoughts on “Why I Like to Read

  1. Dear Vickie, I have nominated you for the 3-Day Challenge. I have found this experience to be very rewarding and I hope you will, too. Here are the rules.
    1. Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
    2. For 3 days, provide a quote each day and why you like or chose that quote.
    3. Nominate one or more bloggers each of the three days for the Challenge and then send them a comment letting them know they have been nominated.
    (When you receive a nomination, if you’re too busy, you can do it later if need be.)
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful blog with the world.
    Please feel free not to participate.

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      Reading is such a wonderful pass time. I have enjoyed this wonderful hobby the past few weeks while I breaked from blogging… Read 3 more books since my last post. Hope you are welll Vickie.

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