Blessed to be a Nanna

In 2002 I first became a grandmother and decided that I would be called “Nanna.”  I did not realize how much these little people would get into my mind and heart, but they have become so much a part of me that my prayers are with them constantly.  I have three children:  Hope, Scott and Steven.  They have blessed me with nine grandchildren and I will try to write about them in birth order. First was Isaac, who is in high school for the first time this year.  Isaac is garrulous and loves video games and Boy Scouts.  He enjoys watching “Monk” with me when he visits and likes to go off on adventures with his grandfather.  He loves to do math problems but he doesn’t like reading much, even though I have tried to tell him how important it is. Tyler followed a month later and is extremely bright and reclusive, but also very strong and athletic.  He is a great soccer player, or so I have heard.  I have never actually been able to attend a match. He reads constantly and is very good at putting things together, from legos to robots.  Our first princess arrived next-Iris.  Iris is special in many ways, not the least of which is that she is autistic and does not speak much.  I am always hopeful that she will one day come out of her shell and just start to speak her mind, but so far that has not happened.  It is heartbreaking, but it is a matter of daily prayer, also. Teya came a few months after Iris.  Teya is athletic and quiet and thoughtful.  She is the first one to notice if someone needs something and also the first one to run to her mom to get help. Teya is devoted to whatever her current interest is and right now that is gymnastics; she is very good at it and spends hours practicing so that she will be better.  Teryn was born next and I call her Ter-Bear because she has always wanted to cuddle, since the first time I held her.  She still cuddles, but she also likes to read voraciously, devouring all books that she can find. She is also a gymnast like her big sister Teya and practices hard and cheerfully.  Little Tinslea came next and is my namesake, so of course she is special.  Her mom Hope says she is like me in a lot of ways, the bad ones.  She is stubborn and  precocious all at the same time.  And she is very smart about it!  (Sounds a lot like me.)  After Tinslea was Penny who now says that she is a “big, strong girl” as she climbs a rock above her six-foot daddy Steven’s head.  She is a little daredevil who has captured my heart with her smile and her curls, not to mention her teasing sense of humor that is way above her age level. She and I share a banana and cuddles each morning when we visit Maryland, and she enjoys reading stories and going to the “libelly”.  (library). After Penny was born, Tessa Serenity went to Heaven to be with Jesus before I got to meet her.  I know she will be a special treasure to meet once I get there.  Finally, but not least, there is Teagan, the little eight-month old who has just recently learned to crawl and is now beginning to stand up.  Born at Christmas time, Teagan Noelle is a gift to all of us but especially to her mom Hope, with her one dimple that is always smiling and her easy temperament. She has a second mom in Teya, a third mom in Teryn and a would-be mom with Tinslea. So she has ample caregivers!  And Tyler has been known to come out of his bedroom to walk her around and talk to her, too.  So, you see, I am a blessed Nanna, with alliteration:  I have I’s in one family, T’s in another and one P in another.  Steven and his wife Nina say they will have more (oh happy day for me!) but they don’t plan on following the whole alliteration thing.  Oh, well.  I can live with that, as long as I am Nanna!

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