Independence is as Simple as Driving

It has been almost a year since I have driven alone, and today I bit the so-called bullet and hopped behind the driver’s seat of my Toyota and off I went.  I had to go by the high school to sign a recommendation paper for a former student, but then I decided to stay out for a few hours to celebrate my new freedom.  So, here I am at the library and feeling very free, and not at all stressed about driving.  You see, the truth is, before, each time I got behind the wheel, I tensed up and by the time I had driven a short distance I had a headache.  Not good for a  stroke survivor!  Yesterday I drove to church with Harry and then did our errands afterwards, and didn’t feel stressed.  Thus I decided it was time for this bird to jump out of the nest and fly away.  I feel so free…I just can’t tell you.  No, I am not ready for the interstate, or any road with a lot of traffic, for that matter.  But I drove myself around today and I am feeling very independent and like I am finally getting some part of my life back that I lost over two and a half years ago when I had my stroke.  The devastation stole the food I loved to eat, my ability to think clearly at times and my independence.  But after today, I can say that I can go where I need to go when I need to go there (as long as highway driving is not involved).  And I am happily going to celebrate by spending time at one of my favorite places, the library!

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