Review of INTO THE WATER by Paula Hawkins

First of all, let me say that I was a huge fan of GIRL ON THE TRAIN, so I pre-ordered this book expecting to be absolutely enthralled by it.  Wrong!  It took me almost three months to read it (and I am a very fast reader when I want to be) because it was so boring!  There were at least ten characters; each chapter started with the name of a character and the action was just not there for me.  I could barely keep up with who was who among all of the characters:  the detectives Sean and Erin, Sean’s father Patrick, Sean’s dead mother, Sean’s wife Helen, Nel Abbott and her sister Jules and her daughter Lena, the teacher Mark Henderson, Katie and her family.  I had to almost keep a list until I found one online and kept it handy.  Then, there was the water…seemingly a place so cold and deep that it had beckoned to many over the years who had committed suicide there.  The basic theme of the story is why these people committed suicide (if they did) and the effects of their deaths on those left behind.  Ho-hum!  This would have made a good short story, but as a novel, it was lacking in the mystery and atmosphere that would have encouraged me to read more of it daily.  This is one of those books that I am glad I finished it because I paid for it, but next time the author has a new book, I will wait for the library edition.  I give it a solid 1.5 stars, and that is only because it does have an ending.

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