Review of LIE TO ME by J.T. Ellison

This stand-alone novel by Ellison is a must-read for fans of fiction and mystery/suspense alike.  The main characters, Ethan and Sutton Montclair, are both well-known authors.  Ethan has lost his spark and has been unable to write for a while but considers himself a serious author.  Sutton writes general fiction and has continued to write, but she definitely has some mental issues.  When the story begins, Ethan gets up to find a note from Sutton telling him that she is leaving and not to try to find her.  So, although Ethan thinks his marriage is fine, apparently it is not as he is thrown into the police investigation to find Sutton.  Of course, he is a suspect.  Police officer Holly Graham is like a dog with a bone and won’t let this investigation go the way of most, with the husband the sole suspect and convicted in the media already.  She is determined to get to the truth, and the truth, as noted by the title, is hard to come by since there have been a lot of deception in the Montclair household.  They have had hard times, with a bad review for Sutton that seemed to derail her writingand the death of their infant son from SIDS.  Getting to the bottom of what is really happening is the job of Holly, and she is my absolutely favorite character.  Her character is thoughtful and thorough, and she personifies good detective work.  Sutton and Ethan, in spite of the many tragedies that they have faced in their lives, are not very likeable because both are so selfish and narcissistic. This book is a must-read with so many twists and turns that it was totally engaging and unbelievably entertaining.

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