Review of HAUNTED by James Patterson and James O. Born

I got this book digitally from the local library and it was well worth waiting for!

My favorite character in all of the books that James Patterson authors is Michael Bennett.  I think I love him because he is so real, with a huge family of lovable kids that he has adopted and a caregiver named Mary Catherine who is calm and focused.  In the latest book, Bennett goes on vacation to a huge house in Maine, and as a police officer who is supposedly off duty, he certainly attracts trouble.  He left to get away from drugs and violence in NYC and encounters the same in rural Linewiler, Maine.  There he finds an old friend, Sandy, who is a police officer there trying to maintain the peace and security there with lots of bad guys who make her life difficult, most notably the drug dealer who just kills the people who get in his way and doesn’t hesitate to threaten the local constabulary since he feels that he is beyond the reach of law enforcement.  Dell Streeter sets his sights on Michael Bennett, much to his chagrin since Bennett has been deputized by Sandy and is not into allowing drug dealers to ruin the small community.  I really loved the character of Sadie in this book.  She is a homeless orphan whose mother succumbed to the drugs from Dell Streeter and her help in bringing him to justice is intense and suspenseful.  Since all of the Michael Bennett books have a happy ending, I wasn’t too concerned during the tense scenes, but the happy ending in this one even has a surprise to it.  This was a seriously good and entertaining read; I would give it four stars just because multiple scenes are predictable.

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