God calls us to pray and repent.

C45BCCE1-0735-44FF-904E-D5CCA6FA2E44.jpegDo you say that you are a Christian?  Then, you are called by God’s name and this verse is for you.  We are called to humble ourselves before God…to see ourselves as we really are.  We are called to pray and seek God’s face.  Prayer is entering into God’s kingdom.  Jesus taught us how to pray in the Lord’s Prayer.  He also includes a praise of the Father (humbling ourselves) and seeking God in His Holy Place.  Then comes the really hard part—we are told to turn from our wicked ways.  You are probably like me and saying, “But I have no wicked ways.”  Really?  I still lose my temper, say things I should not say and do things that I know God would not have me do.  No one is perfect that walks on this earth; so repent and turn away from evil.  Then comes the promise that God will hear from Heaven and forgive our sins.  But, better than that, He will restore our land.  One version says He will “heal our land.”  What does that mean?  I think it means that he will restore our land to the time of belief and dependence on God.  Our nation has become one that is dependent on man, on government, when we should be dependent on God alone.  God is good and does not lie, so we can depend on Him to keep His promises.  But we have to do our part:  become humble before Him, pray, seek Him and turn away from sin.  Not easy, but God wouldn’t ask us to do it if He didn’t already know that it’s possible.

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