Waiting for the Lord

C0FE4F30-2E9F-40F3-ACF5-04A6BB1EEBA4.jpegThe first words of this verse are “I believe.” And I do!  I believe that God is good and that He ultimately will bring good into my life.  I do not fear death because of the goodness of the Lord and the presence of His Spirt in my life.  I am waiting for the Lord, facing whatever life brings with courage.  Almost three and a half years ago, I had a stroke that affected my language and speech center.  Since I was a Spanish teacher, that was devastating to me.  But I waited, just as the occupational therapist encouraged me to do.  She said that the brain has a wonderful capacity to find other routes to do the same tasks I did before.  What she did not say but I knew is that the Bible says we “are fearfully and wonderfully made.”  And my recovery proved it.  I went from stuttering to speech, from not remembering any of the Spanish that I had studied for years to remembering and returning to teaching.  Did it happen overnight?  No, it was days…weeks…months of waiting on the Lord as my body healed and my brain synapses renewed themselves.  I am blessed!  And as I age and watch different parts of my body not work as well, I still say to myself that I am waiting for the Lord in the land of the living!  Do you know the Lord and His great power and love? Are you waiting for Him, too?

One thought on “Waiting for the Lord

  1. What a beautiful testimony of faith. Waiting on the Lord isn’t always easy, but it is always worth it! His timing brings a richness of joy that “our” timing never will. 😊

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