Be thankful every day

First of all, everyone on earth should be thankful to the Creator just for being.  We are to bless the Lord because He is always watching over us.  Today, as you sit in a your quiet place, think about all the good things God has done for you and be thankful.  I am thankful for my salvation, for a Godly spouse who takes care of me, for survival after a massive stroke, for three healthy children and nine wonderful grandchildren.  I am thankful for my church community and the friends that I have there.  Is there a lot wrong with my world and in my life?  Of course!  But I am choosing to look at the good things that God has done for me and to thank Him for them.  Are you making the choice to focus on the good things and be thankful?  You will be a much happier person if you do!


Images are provided by the You Version Bible App.  

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