The Path to Eternal Liffe

From my early years, I studied about men who were searching for the Fountain of Youth.  I’m sure everyone recalls Ponce de Leon who found Florida accidentally because he was really searching for a fountain that could bring him eternal life. Well, when I finished college, I had a Christian neighbor who told me the way to life, Jesus Christ.  There is no fear of death once you accept Christ into your heart.  Since I accepted Jesus into my life, my road has not always been a smooth one, without troubles.  But through it all, I have known that God is with me and I can depend on Him to get me to the end of whatever is happening in my life.  I was terrified when I had my stroke, not really of death, but of leaving my family and not getting to see my grandchildren.  But God comforted me and let me know that He was with me.  About fifteen years ago, I had knee replacement surgery.  There in the hospital, I found out that my body cannot tolerate any medication to alleviate pain. I suffered an asthma attack each time the opioids were administered.  So, the medical staff had to administer the opioids with massive doses of antihistamines just so I could get out of bed and be discharged.  So what does this story have to do with God?  The surgery wasn’t bad because of the medications I was given.  But when I got home, the pain was bad.  The rehabilitation was a real challenge.  But while others took pain meds to get through it all, I prayed and asked God to be with me.  And He was.  In the darkest moments of my life, when my mother died over thirty years ago and when my father died this past July, God was there to comfort me.  Then in March, my best friend died…and I thought I was on a path of darkness, but God reminded me that Heidi is with HIm enjoying the eternal life that we are all promised.  So, with that my tears were not tears of total despair, but tears of understanding that I will see her again some day.  So, belief in Jesus has brought me this far, and I have no doubt that He will see me through to the end.  I hope that you have that light in your life so that you can have the promise of eternal life and peace that He has promised.

1705BB5F-C33D-4615-8560-DA7257845901.jpegAll images are courtesy of the You Version Bible App.

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