Your speech can bring life or death


How many times have you been just having a normal conversation with someone and suddenly they insert an expletive?  What is your reaction, especially if what they say offends you?  I don’t think that you can do anything about the speech of others and how prevalent it is in our society today to curse and use God’s name in vain.  But, you can choose what you say.  And I don’t mean just oral speech either.  You can control your speech and your attitude on social media, too.  Think before you say anthing, online or personally.  Is is helpful and positive?  Is it true?  Is it necessary?  So many times, we want to debate and push our view online, with total strangers, so we are not careful about what we write in our posts.  But God, who sees all, is always watching to see if we are consistently a good ambassador for Him.  I am personally appalled at some of the speech online.  And don’t get me started about the TV shows that perpetrate dark humor with a callous disregard for offensive language.  I am of an age that I remember when TV was censored when offensive language was used. That is no longer the case because our society accepts the crass and vulgar language, so it is becoming the norm rather than the exception.  But, as a Christian, I appeal to other believers not to join in with the crowd but to stand apart from them and use language that brings peace, hope and joy.  Do you think before you speak?  Before you post?  Is what you are saying pleasing to God?  We have been given the power of life and death with our tongues.  So, I appeal to you to speak life…in a world full of negativity and insults, be the one who can be counted on to be positive and hopeful, offering the world the option to see what is truly acceptable to a holy God.

2 thoughts on “Your speech can bring life or death

  1. Absolutely. It’s gotten to the point no where I stick with news channels only. It’s so bad that cursing and swearing is now recognised as ‘being real’. People campaign for these things to be allowed in our society and it is sad indeed. And we as the light need to shine really bright this season and not allow darkness influence us. Thanks for sharing this post Sis.

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