God supplies all of our needs

When I was a new Christian, I thought of God like a fairy godfather who would just grant all of my wishes if I just prayed for them.  As I matured and started to have a real relationship with God, I discovered that He supplies all of my needs, not all of my wants, and they are very different.  I live in a regular home that needs a lot of repairs, and I live in the middle of what I call nowhere.  There are trees, a neighbor who hates us and a long, pit-filled driveway, then more trees.  What I would like is a home in a neighborhood, with sidewalks and stores within walking distance.  The closest store to us now is a Wal-Mart and it is seventeen miles away.  But God has supplied my needs.  I have a home to live in and a car to use to drive to the store.  See the difference?  I am learning to be content where I am instead of wanting what others have. It has been hard for me because I grew up in one house in Virginia and lived there my whole life.  Then, I got married to a man in the military and we moved twenty-five times in as many years. I got used to unpacking boxes and finding the children’s toys for them and then doing the same thing in another year or two.  We always lived in military housing, which was like an apartment on the base.  So, I didn’t really consider it my home because I couldn’t paint or decorate or even put pictures on the walls unless I was willing to fill in the holes when we left.  Finally, in 1996, we moved to Pennsylvania, which was where my husband was going to retire and I could at last have a home and look for a teaching job with retirement prospects.  We bought a home, and I was so happy to have the feeling of permanence.  I thought God had finally answered my prayers.  Well, He answered one of them.  I had a home, but I could not find a teaching job anywhere in the neighboring school districts.  They would hire me as a substitute but not as a contracted teacher.  At last, one of the principals told me that since I had a master’s degree, I was too expensive for anyone to hire me.  I was crushed!  So, I took a job teaching at a Christian school about half an hour from home.  I was in charge of the high school students and ALL of the subjects they were studying.  I did eighteen lesson plans a day for two years and then decided that was all my body could take.  Exhausted and discouraged, I traveled across the border to Maryland and took a job there.  Unfortunately, the commute was too long, so I had to leave home and establish a new home in Maryland.  Off we went, this time to pursue my career.  But we couldn’t afford two homes and the one in Pennsylvania didn’t sell, so we rented it and found a modular home to buy in Maryland, living in a trailer court for the four years that we stayed there.  When a student at the school there threatened to kill me and took out a contract to do so, I finished up the school year, watched my youngest  son graduate from that school and headed south to Virginia.  We found four acres in a very rural area, bought it and moved our modular home here. I taught here for seventeen years and have now retired. But are all of my wants fulfilled?  No, only my needs.  God is with me daily, in this little house in the woods.  I am learning to seek first the things of God, His kingdom, so that the things that I want line up with what He wants me to have.  My dreams are on a back burner somewhere, not as important as they once were because now I want to help God to spread the Good News about His Son, and my physical residence doesn’t matter as much to me.  Would I like to have a nice home?  Of course!  But the circumstances of life intervened in my plans, and in spite of all that, God has always been with me.  He has always supplied my needs and as long as I stay close to Him, He always will.  Every breath I take is a gift from God.  Every step I take is a gift from God.  Every time I speak to a grandchild on the phone or visit them personally, God reminds me that they are gifts from Him.  My need is to live for God for the rest of my days, and that need God is supplying as He shows me daily how I can help others or be a blessing to them.  Are you living for God?  He will supply ALL your NEEDS when you seek Him and live for Him.  That’s the best way to live, even if it’s not every dream you ever had.  I love the Lord and want to please Him!

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