God is Watching

Have you ever felt so alone that you just wanted to pick up the phone and call someone, but then you realize that it’s the middle of the night, so that is probably not a good idea?  God wants you to know that He is watching over you and that you should not be afraid or discouraged, no matter what is happening in your life right now.  Those words in the Scripture give me encouragement and hope.  I am never alone.  I may feel lonely, but my Heavenly Father is only a prayer away.  So often, I have found myself turning to the books that I read constantly or the TV shows that entertain me in order to fill my gaping hope of loneliness and discouragement.  But God is telling me that He wants me to reach out to Him.  He has been watching all along and knows when I am afraid and feeling low.  I have a friend at church whose husband just got a devastating diagnosis.  Asking friends at church yesterday how this elderly friend is doing, I was upset to receive the report that he is very discouraged.  So, in turn, I got discouraged.  After all, it was Father’s Day and I was already sad about my father not being around any more.  Now, this elderly man whose face shined with happiness when I returned to church after my stroke is in a “bad way.”  The fact is that without the Lord’s miraculous intervention, he will die shortly.  So, I got sad and wanted to rail at God about the unfairness of the situation.  This is a man who had dedicated his life and his music to the Lord (he plays guitar in our church).  But God wants to call him home. Now?  This doesn’t seem to be a good time, not to me or to his family, at least.  Nevertheless, God has brought me to the realization that his life is in God’s hands.  God is watching over him and he doesn’t want me or him to be afraid or discouraged.  What right do I have to tell God that the timing isn’t right?  I am not the Maker of the Universe and I don’t see all that is happening, so I cannot make decisions about the lives of others.  Goodness!  It’s hard enough for me to make decisions about my own life!  So, for today, for now, I am choosing to not be afraid or discouraged because that is what God tells me to do. I will pray for my friend and leave His destiny in the hands of the God who made and loves him.  Is there something in your life that is too hard for you?  God is watching, and He knows.  Just like He told me, He is telling you:  Don’t be afraid.  Don’t be discouraged. God is right there with you.  There is nothing going to happen today that God will not see, and He will be beside you, no matter what.  He is your God, the Lord of your life and your circumstances.  Believe it!

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