God wanted the Israelites to always remember what He had done for them.  In fact, He told them to tell their children for all generations about how He led them out of captivity to the Egyptians and into a land flowing with milk and honey.  Well, I was never held captive and enslaved by an evil nation, but I have a lot of memories about what the Lord has done for me.  It’s like the old song, “Count Your Blessings” that is a good thing to sing at night as you fall asleep.  Now, there is a new song by Steven Curtis Chapman that I want to share with you.  It’s called “Remember to Remember.”  I think that in the midst of our suffering and daily trials that sometimes we forget to remember how far God has already brought us and all He has already done for us.  I bless God’s Holy Name for His love for me and His taking care of me through everything in my life.  I hope that this song will help you to remember as well.


Mr. Chapman and his music are very special to me because it is the last concert that I attended before I had a stroke.  Because I am now hypersensitive to sound since my stroke, I cannot attend concerts, but I will always remember this one and this man and his testimony.  God has carried him through some really hard times, including the death of his beloved daughter Maria when she was only 4-5 years old.  He has since established a charity for parents who want to adopt children and need help doing so.  He is a wonderful example of someone who does a good job of remembering.  If you want to know more about his charity, go to

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