Making Things Right

In my devotional time this morning, I read this Scripture from Shelia Walsh’s Bible study, “In the Middle of the Mess.”

AF01A1CB-BA27-4F25-9F00-FB0CDC8BD610Then, I began to meditate on what this Scripture means to me personally.  God is working on my behalf.  He has already started and He will make a way where there does not seem to even be a path.  What He is doing and will do in my life is beyond my ability to comprehend, because He is God.  I have tried to limit God and tell Him what I need Him to do and all along He has been trying to get my attention and tell me that what He is doing in me and for me is a totally new thing.  So, now I am preparing my heart to receive this unexpected gift from the Lord.  The God of all creation loves me enough to do something new in my life, something that I could never expect.  I’m waiting for the Lord!  How about you?

14 thoughts on “Making Things Right

  1. Isn’t that funny, how we want one thing and God has something totally better in mind, but we think our way is still better? I do it all the time. Things like this give me the kick I need to remember that God’s ways are so much better than mine.

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