Just Be Kind

39CF8148-F5F2-40D8-A007-0EF49290D706.jpegIn the Old Testament, God begins the lesson about being kind to others.  This is a practice that we can do daily, regardless of where we live or what our so-called station in life is. We can be kind to everyone we meet, just by offering a friendly smile and a kind word, of appreciation or encouragement.  Sometimes,  I think that we just get too busy with our own life to notice others around us at all.  Do you see the person who is checking you out at the grocery story, or are you so busy rummaging in your bag for your payment card that you just take them for granted?  Think about it.  This person is working hard to earn a living and everyone probably treats him or her the same way, with total disregard.  But they are important to God and He tells us over and over again to be kind.  It doesn’t take much time or effort, just the ability to notice that there others besides yourself in your world.

9229B431-CAE1-43DC-8667-95F8170118C6.jpegDid you ever think about how when you are kind, you are helping others to feel stronger?  Total strangers may not be someone you just want to give a hug to, but how about a kind word?  A thank you, a “you’re doing a great job” or other words of affirmation can mean everything to someone struggling just to make it through to the end of the day.

So, how do we learn to be kind?  As it turns out, we don’t have to learn it at all.  If we are a branch of the True Vine (Jesus), then we automatically bear His fruit.  And lo, and behold, kindness is one of the fruits of the Spirit!  How amazing is our God!  He tells us to be kind and then provides the way for us to be kind with little or no effort on our part.  We just have to surrender to Him so that we will know what He wants us to say and when He wants us to say it.  Just be kind…to everyone you meet, everywhere you go, no matter who they are.  Maybe you will be surprised and get a smile in return!

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