Salvation Is God’s Plan

50CF8F68-3E2F-45EA-A37A-02B3D24C4FE2I’m starting by blog today with Hezekiah’s prayer because it is my cry to the Lord, also.  I recognize Him as the Creator of all the heavens and the earth.  I know that is is enthroned in the heavens and that He loves me with an everlasting love.  I praise Him for His love for me, but not just for me but for all mankind.  Did you know that God planned your salvation from the beginning?  Thank you, Lord!

86EC43BD-6C9A-4590-AB8A-EA4D946BF2C0.jpegWhen I read this Scripture from 2 Timothy during my devotional this morning, I was amazed that I had missed this truth for so long.  I had actually taught it in my Sunday school class last month when we talked about Adam’s sin and how it opened the door for sin to come into the world, but I told my students that God already had a plan of salvation. (Genesis 3:15). Somehow, I said the words without really thinking about them until my discovery this morning.  Isn’t it amazing that from the beginning God planned for you to have a relationship with Him, to be saved from you sin and to walk with Him for all eternity?  My voice says, “Wow!”  My heart leaps within me with joy and expectation.  The God who created me made me with my salvation in mind and He just kept waiting patiently and lovingly until I accepted Him into my heart. He is waiting for you to know Him too, in a way that is beyond imagination because He loves you so.  Won’t you tell Jesus that you accept Him as your Savior?  Repent. And be saved!  Today is the day of your salvation!  Let God make everything new in your life.  He is so good!

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