Our Words

Do you know how important your words are?  With only three words, “It is finished”, Jesus declared the completion of His mission on the earth.  With only words, you can destroy or you can build up.  It is your choice, each time you open your mouth, or even type a word on a post online.

545AE823-8513-4972-BE39-7AEBCCAD8085So, you are probably like me and saying to yourself, well I’m not a troublemaker or a gossip.  Really?  I have had to repent of this sin and and I suspect many of my readers will, too.  Do you say anything personally that hurts others, just because you want to fit in?  Do you say to someone, “We really need to pray for so-and-so because you know what they did”?  That is gossip, in the guise of prayer, but gossip nonetheless.  If you are sharing about others, even if what you are saying is true, you are gossiping and may be causing trouble.  If you want to truly pray for someone you are concerned about, then do so, privately.  If that person wants to share their needs publicly, they don’t need you to do it for them.

We are not supposed to listen to gossip either.  That is participating in something that is wrong.  So, how exactly does that go in the “real world”?  My suggestion is just to walk away and continue to do whatever work or errand you were headed to do when you stopped to listen to the gossip.  And if the gossip is online, stop following that person.  It sounds simple, but I know it isn’t.  God didn’t call you to preach to everyone you see who is gossiping, “Repent!’  For one thing, you would not be well received and for another, you are planting seeds in possibly unfallow ground.  So, if you follow my advice, you will avoid being a wrongdoer.  Removing yourself from the situation helps you in your walk with the Lord.


Do you want to do what Jesus did?  Then speak wise words that bring healing to a divided and hurting world.  Think before you speak, as the old adage goes.  I used to tell my students that God gave them two ears and one mouth for a reason.  Everyone needs to listen more and speak less.  If you are truly listening to the hearts of the people with whom you come in contact, then you will know how to speak wise words and bring healing to them.

My prayer for myself and for my readers is:

5DFD795B-B230-4B4A-8829-D319699C1F92Have a wonderfully blessed day!


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