40BFF0AD-B04D-48C3-A57A-9C0D6364DDB6Have you ever just rushed out in the morning, starting your day with a quick, “Thank You, Lord” and off you go?  Or sometimes, as you drive,  do you give God a laundry list of what you want Him to help you do that day?  This was me, for many years.  My days started before 4:30 a.m. and I was at work, often until 6-7 p.m.  I would pray before I went to work, but it was a cursory prayer, just something that I think I did because it was something that I thought I needed to do.  Then, throughout the day, I would call on Him for help or strength.  But one day, God spoke to me and told me that He had done everything for me, why couldn’t I give him the “firstfruits of my day?  So, I began to start each day with prayer, real prayer that I often wrote as I prayed.  I asked God what His will was and then did my best to fulfill it that day.  I took one day at a time.  This Scripture means a lot to me because whatever we do, we are to ask God about it first and not to move on without hearing from Him what He desires for us that day.  Sometimes other people get in the way and block our plans for the day, but that is when I pray again and ask God to tell me where to go from there.  If you are driving to a strange place that you have never visited before, you use a map.  Sometimes, the GPS is not totally accurate and you get a little lost.  Do you then just drive around aimlessly trying to find your destination, or do you consult another map source or even a nice person from whom you can get directions?  (If you are my husband, you drive around until you find the place, but that is another story for another time maybe.). Anyway, most people get more specific instructions so that they can continue to their destination.  When we get off the path that God had planned for us that day, we have to stop and pray.  We need to be in continual prayer.  The Bible says to “pray without ceasing” (I Thessalonians 5:17). Before you step out into your day, know what God wants you to do, and if the plan seems to be changing because of circumstances, don’t get off the path.  Ask God what the new path is or what He wants you to do abou the changes.


How do you know what to pray?  You pray in His Spirit and tell Him what is on your heart.  You have to always be alert for changes, just as you would be alert for detours  in your route on the highway.  And just as the woman in the parable who kept going to the judge for justice until he finally relented and gave her what she wanted,  you have to be persistent in your prayer.  You don’t pray for something once and then expect an immediate answer from God.  That has happened occasionally in my life, but it is the exception rather than the rule.  You are supposed to pray and keep on praying until you have the understanding of what God wants you to do.  Be a prayer warrior for your fellow believers.  It may change their lives, but I know from experience that it will change yours!

4 thoughts on “Understand

  1. Brilliant post Vickie, Every morning I ask God’s advice on what to do. I prayer when I have done my chores. I always ask God to guide me when I walk through the city to do my shopping, he knows which is the best way to walk, each time is different. God has to be every step of the way.

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