Too Hard for God

115CD197-3B75-4223-AC68-CC35CFFC4287B7097FEC-A35B-48AE-A777-FF6560BAC4E4God reminded me of His awesome power this morning.  I have been feeling discouraged because of the lack of answered prayers in my life.  But God reminds me that nothing is too hard for Him, and if He isn’t answering the way I want, He is still answering.  Each breath I take is a gift from God.  Each step I take is a gift from God.  Every morning that I awaken is a gift from God.  His answer is on the way because nothing is too hard for Him.  I am weak and can’t do a lot in my own strength, but it is God’s strength that I am counting on.  Yes, my friend is still in critical condition in the hospital.  But she responded yesterday for the first time.  So, improvement has been noted.  God is answering prayer.  I am so in awe of God’s love and power.  I hope that you realize how small we are and how great God is.  He changed time and sent the sundial back; he parted waters twice; He sent His Son who healed people and represented God’s love and power on earth.  Without Him, I can do nothing and I am nothing.  But with Him, I can do whatever He asks and I am His child, a child of the King.  I hope that you all know who you are in the Lord and how awesome He is!


10 thoughts on “Too Hard for God

  1. Diana Tyler (la muse excentrique) ☕

    Amen! Nothing is ever too hard for our Creator! Despite setbacks and unanswered prayers, He’s always there for us. I’ll keep your friend in my prayers.

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        I want to hit “so sorry” instead of “like” for this Vickie. I am praying for your and your friend’s family’s peace. She is in a better place now. 🙏😢

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