Response to an Evil World

8C319BCC-9339-4C8F-ABD5-8CBF84B4641AUnless you have had your head in the sand and earplugs in your ears for the last week or so, you know that we live in a lost world.   The only hope that any of us has is our redemption in Jesus Christ.   I mourn for the loss of those innocents worshipping in the synagogue and gunned down by a madman who had already lost all hope in his ability to reason.  Can you imagine?  Someone so filled with hatred that he guns down a 97 year old Jewish woman?  What a nightmare of a world that we live in!  Politicians who don’t think the way others do are being attacked in restaurants.  There is so much frustration in our society that we don’t need to know all of the details…only the headlines will open our eyes to the world’s need for Jesus.  I have been reading my Bible more and praying more.  We need to have a total devotion to God and His principles of love and forgiveness.  Thus we can survive the onslaught of evil in our land.  Our hope is in the Lord who will one day return in glory to take us to be with Him.  In the meantime, we need to pray for our nation and for the souls of those who are lost.  We need to gird ourselves with the full armor of God and stand against the attacks of Satan; the evil that threatens us and our way of life is straight from the pits of hell and I, for one, stand against it.  With my helmet of salvation and my breastplate of rightoueous, with my shoes being the gospel of peace, I confront the evil that is prevalent and say that it has no place in our world!  I pray for the peace of Jerusalem and for the safety of Jewish people everywhere.  I pray for evil to be cast into the light so that people can clearly see it for what it is and  stand against it.  There is nothing that can stop the Army of God if we stand strong!  So far, all I have heard and seen is about the evil in the world and how it seems to be winning.  But I know that God is the Victor, and we are part of His victory by being a part of His army.  We are on the move, my friends.  We are no longer standing still and waiting for the evil to come to us; it is all around us and we must put on our armor and prepare for the fight.

961FC38C-6D6B-4667-9CCC-1C7446288C61.jpegNo more excuses!  You are either for God or against Him.  There is no fence to sit upon.  Join God’s army of warriors today and speak up for the truth.  Be strong and devoted to His Word and the truth that is in it.  Share the gospel as God leads you.  And don’t be discouraged.  Satan would have you believe that he is winning.  Don’t be deceived.  We know that God wins in the end.  It’s this middle part called our life that may be hard to go through sometimes.  But we must go through whatever God has called us to endure.  We must continue to live with wisdom and righteousness, knowing that our day of ultimate victory is coming.  So, I am calling on my friends online to move with the army of the Risen Lord, to conquer our fears of speaking out and to conquer evil wherever we see it.  Don’t let small seeds of evil generate themselves in your life.  Rather, water the good that comes from God that is in your life.  Read and study the Bible daily.  Pray daily.  Listen for God to speak to you daily.  I encourage you that the battle is ours to win!

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