God continues to tell me during my devotions that He is still working on me.  This song expresses well what the end result will be; I am and will be a masterpiece for him.  Recently one of my former students traveled to Paris and was able to view the “Mona Lisa,” a masterpiece from the hands of the artist Da Vinci.  When she posted the picture online, I was amazed at the skill of this master artist.  How much more should I be in awe at the work of God in me?  Lately, He has been speaking to me about humility in my life.  Honestly, I grew up proud of my academic achievements and all that I was able to accomplish.  This was due in no small measure to a mother who expected me to always come home with all A’s on my report card, even if I had no clue how to do the math problems.  With some very astute tutoring, I was able to pass algebra with a C, that later became a B, but I just couldn’t do that math as well as my mom expected me to.  I had to ask for help from others, a humbling experience for someone who was a “scholar.”  (That was according to my classmates.) But it wasn’t true humility because I was still proud of everything else.  I didn’t meet true humility until the night I was saved; I read the Book of John and saw for myself the sacrifice of Jesus and how unworthy I was of His blood being shed for me.  That changed my life for all time.  Yes, God is still working on me; there are many times when I put myself first and think of how much better I could have done things.  But I always come back to the fact that I am a sinnner saved by grace, nothing more and nothing less.

At the right time, God will lift me up.  I don’t have to go around “tooting my own horn” and telling everyone how they should do things my way because it it better.

I love this quotation from C.S. Lewis because it tells me that it is okay to think well of myself.  After all, I am God’s creation, a Child of the KIng.  But my main focus in my life should be on others, not myself.  Have you thought of someone else today?  I am trying hard to do an act of kindness daily, not so that I can brag later about what a good person I am, but so that I can give glory to God for helping me to help others.  Are you learning humility or another characteristic that God wants to perfect in you?  Are you also becoming His “Masterpiece”?  That and all that God has for you is my prayer for you today.  God bless you for reading this post!  

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