On the Path with God

The path that I have been walking lately has been a twisted one, full of obstacles and surprises that were unexpectedly difficult to get over. But God has sent His Holy Spirit to walk with me, to be with me all along the way. When I met with the gastroenterologist, I wanted to get an appointment for an endoscopy as soon as possible so that I could just get this whole surgery thing over with. Unfortunately, the earliest appointment is December 26th. Or maybe, just maybe, that is God’s timing for me. At least, that is what I am thinking since I asked Him to take control. I am supposed to get special allergy shots today, but I had to postpone them until my allergy doctor says it’s okay to take them with all of my current medical problems. Again, it’s a case of “hurry up and wait.” God is teaching me to wait and to depend on Him to work things out. I see my cardiologist tomorrow. He has to clear me to have the surgery that I need. I also need to talk to him about the fact that my new medication that the gastroenterologist prescribed for me is making my blood pressure stay low. It’s a little concerning, but since God made my heart, He knows what is happening with it and I am trusting Him to take care of me. After I finish all of my tests this week and next, I can call the surgeon to schedule the pre-op consultation. At that meeting, he will tell me how extensive the surgery has to be and all about the recovery period. I’m hoping for the simplest, least invasive surgery and the shortest recovery time. But, regardless of what the surgeon tells me, I know that God will be there with me. Why? Because I am walking the path of life with Him guiding me and holding my hand the whole way.

I know that I am not going to live forever, but however many years I am here on earth, I want to live them doing what God directs me to do. He is eternal! He is love! He is my Father who has taken care of me through so many things on the path of life, and He can handle this, too.

Do I like my life being compared to a breath or a passing shadow? Do you? No, of course not! Our lives here on earth are not ours to live. We are to dedicate ourselves to Him, giving Him our very best all the days that He has given us. I praise His Holy Name for who He is, not only for what He has done. He is the Almighty God, the Mighty King, Ruler and Creator of all things!

Forever is a long time! That’s how long we will live with God if we have accepted His Son as our Savior. So, this life on earth is temporary, but our life with God is forever! We will join in the Heavenly throng singing praise to our Lord!

Jesus is my Shepherd. He has lead me to the spring of eternal life. Just as Ponce de Leon searched for the fountain of life, at one time I was a seeker. But I found it! It was right there, in my heart. I just had to accept the gift that God gave me, the gift of His Son who died for me. Christmas is coming, with all of its decorations, lights and gifts. Do you leave gifts under your tree and tell yourself that you don’t want to open that one yet? Of course not! You open all of your gifts, and I hope that you are very thankful for the love that your friends and family have shown by sending them to you. But there is one gift that many have not opened yet, and it awaits you. It’s your salvation, the free gift that God gave when He sent His Son to die for you…and for me, and everyone else. You have to let Jesus into your heart in order to open this gift. He is worthy! He is the greatest gift of all!

God provides the answer to all of our questions. He is the One and Only reason for Christmas and for life. Bless His Holy Name forever! I hope that you will choose to continue down the path of life with Jesus in your heart. Knowing that God is with you no matter what trials that you face is the best Christmas gift ever! Blessings!

10 thoughts on “On the Path with God

  1. I know that you are going through a major struggle, but the following words just ministered to me big time, “I know that I am not going to live forever, but however many years I am here on earth, I want to live them doing what God directs me to do. He is eternal! He is love!”
    Thank you for continuing to shine the light of Jesus. I trust that he is working out every detail for you. Bendiciones.

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  2. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful post today, Vickie. I am not going to lie. I’ve been struggling with my pain for a really long time now. It is starting to affect my words, it’s making me nauseous, and it’s making me lose hope. I had an exceptionally bad morning this morning, but your post has reminded me to not lose sight of God walking right next to me. I will be praying for you during this “hurry up and wait” time. I will be praying for a successful and easy surgery for you. God bless you, Vickie!

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  3. Thank you for sharing this post. I’m sorry for your current medical struggles…I will continue to pray for you. Your faith in Him will continue to see you through and bring Him glory as you trust in Him despite it all. His strength is made perfect in your weakness and He will uphold you with His righteous right hand. May God continue to bless you in the midst of your trials. I see others have called you Vickie…is that what you go by or is it Vicklea?

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