Sharing Testimonies

It is our duty, our sacred responsibility, to share the mighty acts of God with others. God is all-powerful and throughout my current health ordeal, He has shown himself strong on my behalf. Yesterday I went to the cardiologist to get approval for the surgery that I need. He is a very thorough and kind man who explained to me that he could not give me approval until I have a stress test. Well, since I already have an endoscopy scheduled for December 26th, I asked him if I had to wait for the stress test to have that procedure completed. Unfortunately, he told me “yes” but the scheduler would do all she could to get me seen before the 26th for the stress test. I prayed with my husband that God would prepare the way for me. After all, the gastroenterologist told me that I was lucky that they had a cancellation on the 26th since the next available one is the end of January. I would be lying if I did not confess my anxiety with this whole situation. It’s not that I’m eager for the stress test. Not at all! But my surgeon said that I need surgery as soon as possible and has expedited a lot of the appointments and tests in order to reach that goal. So I was dreading having to postpone the endoscopy. It seems that I wasn’t trusting God enough because when the scheduler called, she got me an appointment for this Friday! Never mind that the hospital that I have to go to for the test is over 60 miles away. I’m praising God for continuing to line up things for me. And as the Scriptures say, I’m proclaiming the power and might of God in my life! I pray that God is showing Himself strong in your life, for He loves us all the same.

I would appreciate your prayers for the stress test. I have to do a chemical one and I already had one in 2016, a year after my stroke. It was not a pleasant experience, so I’m not looking forward to a galloping heart with monitors everywhere. But I do know that I’m holding onto the hand of my Creator, the King of the Universe, and He will see me through yet another valley. Blessings!

24 thoughts on “Sharing Testimonies

  1. Yes! Especially this: “It is our duty, our sacred responsibility, to share the mighty acts of God with others.” I work so hard to make sure my daughter knows her Lord and Savior. She has a prayer journal she works in when I’m Bible studying, and my husband and I constantly talk to her about God and His Word. It’s so important, especially in today’s world, to establish her foundation in God’s Word. Great post today, Vickie!

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  2. Look at God showing Himself strong in your life!!! I love that you are sharing your journey with us. All will be well because the King of the World is holding your hand and has you in the palm of His hand! You are already alright and your body will line up with your faith! I say unto you my sister “According to your faith, be it unto you” We are standing with you!

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  3. Hi Vickie,

    Thank you for sharing your testimony. I will certain pray that God continues to give you favor, and that you remain strong and steadfast through the stress test and operation. Our God is good and he uses you mightily everyday. This is only a part of your overall testimony, can’t wait to read the looking back part of the testimony.

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