Fearing the Lord

The words “fear the Lord” are found throughout the Scriptures. I have come to believe that this fear is not one like I have of the dark, actually afraid of what or who might pop into the bedroom while I am sleeping. I still sleep with a nightlight to dispel the darkness because of this fear. It is not the same as the fear I have of traffic; I close my eyes and pray as we move with the flow of the other cars because I am so afraid to open my eyes and see all of the cars. No, the fear of God is a healthy respect of Who He is and What He has done, for us and for all of His creation.

Once you fear the Lord, you cannot help but give Him praise for His holiness, His mighty works, His righteousness and all of Who He is. He is the Mighty King who sent His Only Son to earth to rescue mankind from our sin. We need only recognize who we are in relationship to who He is and then we will naturally fear our Creator, with a love and an awe that is like no other.


God is the Only One in the universe who deserves to be feared. I hope that this Christmas season, you will find Him in your heart and rest at His feet, the ones that are nail-scarred for you and me, the ones that walked the dusty roads of earth to show God to mankind. God bless and be with you during this blessed holiday season!

5 thoughts on “Fearing the Lord

  1. So true. Thanks for sharing these wonderful thoughts. He is beyond our comprehension and when we think of who He is, it brings about a big dose of respect and fear. Joy and love to all as He fills our inner being to the fullest we allow Him, especially during Christmas. πŸ™‚

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