The Evil in the World

I am not seeing much of God’s goodness today in the world we live in. But we have to look with our spiritual eyes to see God’s actions in today’s world. We can see the children that God is drawing to Him, if we only look. Is there evil in the world? Yes, of course there is! But, we are called to look at things differently than those in the world do. I’m sure that you remember the story of Elijah and Elisha. Elijah reminded Elisha to look with spiritual eyes and only then could he see the army of God ready to take on the enemy. That is what I see as I pray for God to force back the evil in today’s world. The news of the “abortions” being performed on live babies in New York has my heart crying out to God for justice for these innocent babes. God’s reply to me has been to wait for Him to take action.

In the meantime, as I wait, I continue to speak out about this outrageous legislation and the deceived hearts of the men and women who would make it sound acceptable to kill babies. In fact, an online friend said that the babies would be better off dead than raised by someone who doesn’t want them. Really? Where does this behavior end? Are the elderly next? After all, we have outlived our usefulness. I stand by my belief that God creates life and only He should be able to decide when it ends. A baby is a life, not a choice! So I wait as patiently as my anxious heart can allow, wanting the governor and legislators to be censored, to be vilified in the press so that they see their wrongdoing clearly. I have been disappointed because the liberal media is not saying anything about the new law at all, except a brief mention that it passed. I cannot help but think of the civilizations in the past who sacrificed their children. These people groups died out; God is in control and will only allow people to go so far for so long. I fear for our nation if this is the direction in which we are going. But I know that there are others like me who are praying for a revival, for a stirring in the hearts of the people of the Lord, those who will not stand for such travesty, such a violation of the sacredness of life. I don’t know what God’s actions will be, but I do trust Him to act.

This is my prayer for the remnant in the United States who still believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and the Bible. He is saving us daily, He is blessing us daily, and He is being our Shepherd daily. We only have to open our eyes and ears to hear His word to us and to see His actions all around us. He is carrying us in His arms. And the little babies that are being murdered? They are in the arms of our Heavenly Father, being loved and comforted for all eternity. Was that God’s plan for them? I don’t think so, but then evil men with hearts of stone purposed to violate God’s laws and He has allowed this. But he comforts me with the word that He is saving, blessing, shepherding and carrying the believers…forever.

We are to continue to work out our salvation. What does that mean? To me, it means praying daily and asking God what He wants me to do and say for Him that day. I was saved on February 28, 1973. I am being saved daily. And one day, I will go to be with Him for all eternity…I will be saved. Meanwhile, like part of the army of God that I am supposed to be, I am occupying. Right now, I feel like I am part of an occupying force in a hostile land. Indeed, the world is hostile to the Word of God, as evidenced by the evil all around us. But God has assured me that His army is greater and will one day be totally victorious over all of the evil. Yet, a little while, we wait, with expectation, knowing that He will not always be absent. He is coming back as the Victorious King over all the earth, and even the most base and defiant enemies of the Lord will bow to Him. Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus!

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