God Is and Will Be Victorious

I seem to be stuck on this abortion issue these days. The news this morning keeps reporting that the state of Virginia considered the same kind of abortion bill that was passed in New York State. What an abomination! Thank goodness our legislators in Virginia were able to defeat it! But my heart is aching because I cannot stand the amount of darkness that there is in the world today. If my heart is breaking, how much more must the Father’s heart hurt?

I am praying in faith and believing that God will bring some good out of this darkness, somehow. He is sovereign; He creates and He can change things in the blink of an eye. Unfortunately, I have two sons who are extremely liberal and who constantly argue with me to defend the right of a woman to choose. I continue to be unapologetically pro-life, with the belief that the woman’s choice was when she had unprotected sex. I am even pro-life in the case of rape, incest or other atrocities. I still believe that the life inside the womb is a baby, in spite of the fact that others call the baby a fetus or a bunch of cells. There is too much injustice in today’s world and I can only cry out the name of the Lord and ask Him to be the final judge, to show mercy to those committing these murders and to show them the right way. That is where my faith wavers because I’m not seeing a lot of change these days. Having seen and listened to my sons for years, I know that changing them and anyone else who believes likewise would take a miracle. But since God is a miracle worker, I am standing on my faith in Him and believing that one day, my heart will be able to rejoice in the changes in them and in the world. I’m sure some are asking, “How is it possible for someone with such faith to have two sons who do not believe in the tenets of the Bible?” That isn’t an easy question to answer. After all, they were raised in the same household and in the same way as their sister who believes in all the truths of the Bible. However, the difference is that the boys wanted to go to a Christian college. So my husband and I went into a huge amount of debt to make that possible for both of them. Be wary! All schools that call themselves Christian are not so! The college we sent our sons to taught them to question the Word of God. So, they graduated as liberals with half-beliefs and continue that to this day, to my great dismay and sadness.

My belief is that God will be the final victor, over every belief that is a half-truth, over everyone who believes the lies of Satan, that murdering an unborn child is okay. God wins in the end! So, I can only pray and wait in faith and expectant hope. God is able and He makes me an overcomer. Are you at that place in your life where you need to know God as victor? Believe and accept His sovereign love for you and become all that He meant for you to be. Blessings!

5 thoughts on “God Is and Will Be Victorious

  1. Amen, I stand with you Vickie! I pray the Lord spreads revival and stops this evil. I will pray for your sons too. The Lord is with them and He knows them! You taught your children in The Way they should go and they will return to it. That’s a promise! God bless you and your family!

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  2. This is a fabulous post. I, too, am a staunch pro-lifer. I even have a health issue where if I got pregnant again it would kill me if I don’t abort the baby, and I still refuse to even say that abortion is ok. It is NOT ok. This is the part of your post that really got me: “But my heart is aching because I cannot stand the amount of darkness that there is in the world today.” I’m in the same boat, Vickie. This world is getting insanely dark faster than I can even blink. It’s crazy. I feel paralyzed. But God’s the boss.

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  3. Vickie, I so relate to what you shared here. And, as you know, the Lord just gave me a poem last night which expresses these same thoughts and emotions. I feel with you! But, we have to trust the Lord that he is completely sovereign over all things, and that he is working all things for good for us who love him and who have been called according to his purposes. But, it is so hard to see so much evil keep going on, but this is what scripture said was going to happen in these last days, so that just means we are all the more closer to our Lord’s return.

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