Staying Too Long

Have you ever heard the old saying about staying somewhere too long? Most hosts don’t mind having you as a guest for a few days, but after that, they want you to move on, to let them get on with their regular routine. Some of us get stuck in a rut, that is, we stay too long in a place. Oftentimes, we are staying somewhere that God told us to move out of. I was stuck in this rut for many years. My rut was called bitterness; I was very bitter and angry with my husband for moving me so many times that by the time we settled down, the children were all almost adults and all of the childhood memories that I wanted to have of their being in one home were not possible. Thus I went through my days barely speaking to my husband and holding a grudge for many years. Then the Lord spoke to my heart and told me to move on. I couldn’t go back and re-do the past, but I could change my reaction to it and move forward into the future that God had for me. And that future has been a good one! I have grandchildren to spoil and more love than I thought possible from the man that I disdained for years. God doesn’t want us to stay in one place, especially if that place is not a good one for us to be in. He wants us to pull ourselves out of that ditch, that rut, that mountain that we think we cannot get over; He desires for us to move on!

Since God spoke to the Israelites and told them that they had been at that mountain long enough, don’t you think that He would likewise speak to us to move on? I think that there are many of us who get stuck, mired down by what we want and not looking for what God wants for us. Believe me, I speak from experience when I say that God’s plans are much better than your own and He will bless you as you move into His will and let go of the old, embracing the new. I hope someone needed this today. I know that I needed to remind myself of how far God has brought me. Blessings!

8 thoughts on “Staying Too Long

  1. Vickie, Thank you! This was good!! Thank you, too, for being honest about what you went through with the bitterness. I get that. I had a long period of time when I was bitter against the Lord and didn’t even realize I was, but my behaviors certainly revealed that I was bitter and unforgiving toward my Lord, not because he had done anything wrong, but because he didn’t do what I thought he ought to, and because I did not trust in his sovereignty over my life, and so I rebelled, for a time, until he brought me back.

    I know all too well how bitterness can ruin a person’s life and destroy relationships, too. We do need to move on away from those things which we feel were not fair or whatever and go with God wherever he sends us and do what he has called us to do and trust in his sovereignty over our lives. Yes, we can’t change the past, but we can make a difference in our present. I so agree! Thank you so much for what you shared. I did pray as I read this that if I am in any ruts, and that I need to move on in any areas of my life, that the Lord would reveal that to me. So, thanks!

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