Yes, today is a day of remembering and being thankful for the sacrifice of all of our brave men and women who have served our country so faithfully. But each day should also be a day of remembering what God has done for us and being thankful for all of His good works. So, that is my focus today.

I recall all of the great heroes of the Bible who depended on God to carry them through. There was Abraham, Isaac, Moses, David, Solomon, the apostles, and Paul. The names are too numerous to remember them all! But there is one I know well. No, her name is not in the Bible, but nevertheless, God has carried her through, too. Her name is Vickie. Yes, me! I am remembering a childhood with what seemed like a lot of emotional abuse. But I also remember going into the small guest bathroom in our home and singing quietly to myself, “Jesus Loves Me.” I remember being on my own for the first time and God sending a God-loving neighbor to tell me about Jesus and salvation. I remember being all alone and pregnant as my husband had been sent with his ship to another state. Since I was fulfilling a teaching contract, I was by myself. But not for long! God sent me a roommate to keep me company and keep me calm. Rhonda became a good friend and was a real Godsend! I remember being pregnant for the second time and being alone again…for the entire pregnancy. Scott was almost two months old before he met his military daddy. Once again, God came through for me. I was attending a Bible believing church and the people there could not have been nicer. I had to move into military housing when it became available…and the men and women from the church got me all moved. I had a good friend who was coaching me for childbirth. Unfortunately, she was too far away when I actually went into labor. God provided a loving neighbor who transported me to the hospital, stayed with me through labor and had her husband watch my two year old. I remember getting a job near D.C., in a school that required me to drive in awful traffic. Once again, God provided for me. A sweet lady with whom I worked agreed to carpool, with her doing all the driving and my helping out pay for gas. I remember so many moves from one base to another…and always, God met me there. I remember many times looking for a new teaching job in a new place and God opened doors for me. In fact, in the state of Maine, there was ONE Spanish teaching job in the whole of Aroostook County, and “coincidentally” the man in that position retired the year that my family arrived. I remember having a stroke and being told that it was a major stroke and the shot that they were giving me could kill me or could help me recover. We prayed…and I recovered. Then recently, I had major surgery. Again, I have recovered, with God’s help, of course. Traveling mercies constantly, as we travel to see grandchildren who live in other states or to visit distant family members. God is real, folks! Now, my challenge to you is to recall what God has done for you…to remember that you are indeed blessed. Is everything in our lives perfect? No, but God carries us through, every time! Blessings for a wonderful, safe Memorial Day!

7 thoughts on “Remembering

  1. LOVE this! What a great idea. Yes, I have many memories of the Lord’s coming through for me – too many to list now, but a lot of those stories end up on MY blog. 😉
    Please tell your husband for me, “Thank you for your service!”

    “Thousands died for my freedom; One died for my soul. I am eternally grateful.”

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