Praising God

Today is a good day to praise the Lord! In fact, every day is a good day to praise the Lord, and all of us need to get into the habit of awakening each day with praise on our lips. Bad things happen. Praise the Lord! Good things happen. Praise the Lord! God doesn’t cause the bad things to happen, but He will certainly take us through the bad things. I am praising the Lord today for time with our grandchildren. I haven’t seen them for seven months because of my health issues and I am beyond excited to see them again. Can you imagine that is how the Father feels? Oftentimes, we call on Him when something is going wrong in our lives and then ignore Him when everything is going well. Don’t you think that our Father in Heaven gets excited when we call on Him, especially if we haven’t opened up our hearts to Him for a while? He is our Father and He desires a relationship with us, a daily time of communication and of love and just feeling close to each other. I exalt the Lord today just because He is God and deserves our adoration and praise. Won’t you join me today in exalting the Lord? In praising Him for His goodness that never changes? He is worthy of praise, so let’s take time to just worship before Him. Then we can go out and have a blessed day!

Lift Him Up by Ron Kenoly

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