Prayer for Our Nation

I have been reading the story of Jonah during my devotions and how reluctant he was to go to the city of Nineveh and declare that they would be destroyed. One of the reasons for his reluctance is that he knew the character of God and knew that He could change His minds about this destruction if the people repented. Jonah, being human just like we are, did not want to be embarrassed by the Lord changing His mind. It seemed that he was willing to declare that the city would be destroyed, but he was not going to be happy if they were not wiped out. However, one thing Jonah had to learn, just as we do, is that God is sovereign and does what is right, regardless of how we feel about His final judgment.

So, if the people in Nineveh can turn from their evil ways and repent, then I truly believe that the people in the United States can do likewise. That is my intercessory prayer for our nation, that we will repent just as Nineveh did. I want the people to be united in their realization that God is the Lord and that He has every right to judge our nation. I am praying for mercy and grace and I am standing in the gap to ask for forgiveness for our multitude of sins. We are a nation without excuse. We have so much freedom of religion here and yet we have turned away from the One True God; so many are busily worshipping themselves and their own pleasures so that they have no time for God, our Creator. I am praying that God Himself will show His love for our nation in a way that we cannot imagine. I pray that a whole army of God’s people will see the necessity to pray for our nation and not be mute as Jonah tried to choose to be. My desire is for us to pray, in intercession for our nation that is falling into the hands of Satan in such extreme ways that it is obvious. Pray, my friends, pray! And then step back and watch God work. God can change His mind about judgement here in the U.S.A. just as He did for Nineveh. We need to be His messengers and His prayer warriors. Armor on! Ready to battle for the Lord and His kingdom? Blessings for a day that is peaceful and prayer-filled!

10 thoughts on “Prayer for Our Nation

  1. Amen, Vickie! I pray for our nation every night, praying for revival. Another blogger wrote recently that the Bible says things will not get better, but worse, so we should not expect revival. Whatever happens, we should still pray. (And I don’t know what God’s definition of “revival” is.) Even in the worst of times, God can raise up a “remnant,” and I want to be a part of that.

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    1. I want to be part of the remnant, also, whatever it is. I just want to be in the group that is standing for God. And I will continue to pray for revival and repentance until God tells me to pray for something else.

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