Rest In Me

Let me just be completely honest. I have not been resting well lately. For example, I can illustrate with the conversation that took place between me and the Lord in the early hours this morning.

Me: Good Morning, Lord. Oh, no! Another day with all of its problems. Maybe I should try to sleep some more because I still feel tired.

The Lord: Rest in me.

Me: You do remember, Lord, that I have waited almost a month for my new stove and they delivered a damaged one yesterday. They can’t seem to find one for me. The birthday present from my brother has created a lot of stress!

The Lord: Rest in me.

Me: And then there is the car that Harry says isn’t starting as it should. And You know that we have two short trips planned in August. And I looked and I can’t find my CarMax warranty. And we only have one car.

The Lord: Rest in me.

Me: And Teagan fell down the basement steps yesterday while Hope was out at work and doing errands. What’s with all of this bad stuff happening, Lord? Teagie is just a little girl and she has a knot on her head and….

The Lord: Rest in me.

Me: I haven’t been sleeping well, Lord. I check my app and I am getting very little deep sleep. My mind needs rest so that I don’t end up having a stroke again. How can I rest when all around me is chaos? I need to sleep peacefully, Lord.

The Lord: Rest in me.

Ultimately, I decided to get up, take my shower and start my day. Then I sat down and looked up scriptures to help me where I am right now. Here is what the Lord showed me.

So, that is my testimony for today, folks. If you think about me today, there is a reason for that. Pray for me to be able to rest in the Lord. Even as I go through another day with the trials of this world, help me to rest in the Lord. And may you do so as well. Blessings for a day of rest and assurance that the Lord is with you through the high waters and He will lead you safely to the other side!

14 thoughts on “Rest In Me

  1. I needed this post today. School is starting back up in less than two weeks. I’ve been given two little promotions at work, which means new, different work on top of my regular teacher work. I’m worried about my blog review schedule because I don’t want to lose that. My blogging has become a passion I really enjoy. But I don’t want to lose out on quality time with my daughter or husband. And, it’s been a super hard time with my grief over losing my dad. Instead of easing up, it seems to be staying strong. I’m worried about my mom and my siblings. My daughter was diagnosed with seizures this past June, so we’re trying to find a new normal for her that includes a regular medication twice a day. And, my best friend has been battling a scary cancer for 2 years. By the grace of God alone, she’s in remission, but she’s terrified it’s going to come back, which means I’m terrified it’s going to come back. All this to say, I’m a little stressed. I really needed your reminder today that I need to rest in Jesus. I’ll be praying for you today, Vickie, that you get some good rest in Jesus too!

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  2. Vickie, I had the Matthew 11 passage today, too, about his yoke being easy and his burden light.

    Thank you for your honesty. I enjoyed reading your conversation with God, mainly because I have had such conversations like that before, like I was telling God something he didn’t already know.

    Thank you for sharing those scriptures, too. Yes, we all need to rest in him. I know I have to regularly remind myself of that one, too, when I start to get anxious about my circumstances. And, resting in him is the only solution. So, I pray for us both that we would keep resting. 🙂

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