We Have a Superpower

This truth was in my daily devotional today from Max Lucado. What superpower do we have? PRAYER! When you awaken, do you say a prayer of thanksgiving to God for a new day? As you go through the day, are you calling on God throughout the day? When you see someone driving erratically, in a way that could hurt himself or others, do you send up a prayer for his safety and the safety of those who encounter him? Do you pray for your pastor and the leaders of your church? Do you pray for your community? How about the President and members of Congress? There are so many prayers that should be going up daily from us to God that we should be in prayer constantly. I envision a phone line that I pick up in the morning and call God and then just keep Him on the line all day long. He is available to me, and to you, of course, whenever we call on Him. Here are some quotations that I found about prayer.

I want to close my blog today with Scripture.

Our prayers need to line up with God’s will and we can only know His will by reading His Word. So, as I prayed today about what to post, this is what came to my mind to pray. God bless each of you who read this with a real desire to pray: for yourself, for others, for the world. Bless you, my friends and prayer partners!

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