Pray for Our Leaders

One of the problems in the United States today is the division that is rampant, among the political parties as well as the general populace.

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I am concerned about out nation because we were once a nation that was devoted to religious freedom and founded on Biblical principles. How far we have strayed! Now the Congress is determined to impeach the President, no matter how divided it makes the country. What is impeachment and is it a good idea? I will let Dr. Denison answer that question. Here is the link to his article today.

I myself will continue to pray for President Trump, Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Nadler and all of the other leaders that our nation is counting on to lead the country, not to bicker among themselves. Since Congress is determined to do this, it will happen, but what will be the cost to our nation? Pray for our leaders as you go about having your blessed day!

8 thoughts on “Pray for Our Leaders

  1. Amen Vickie, we definitely need to pray for our country! Congress is filled with liars, cowards, and traitors. Impeaching Trump is a total sham. Impeach him for what?! He hasn’t done anything that is impeachable. The only things the liberals have to stand on is hate for America (including taking away our borders, sovereignty, and guns), the gay agenda, and abortion. They know they don’t have a chance at beating Trump in 2020, so now they want to impeach him. Ridiculous! I pray God smites their wicked agenda and I pray He spreads great revival through our country and the world. May the wicked not rule in this country and may God remove every single last one of them from power. May He place righteous leaders in power and may He protect and bless our country! God bless!

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