God Directs Our Path

This is more of a prayer for where I want to be than a declaration of where I am right now. I want the sound wisdom of God to reverberate through me, letting me know when I am on the right path and when I stray. I want to follow the “good path”, don’t you? How do I hear God’s voice? Well, He spoke to me about that, too.

That “still, small voice” is only heard when I am quiet before Him, waiting and listening attentively. I’m sure you all remember classes in school in which you daydreamed. The teacher would be speaking and you would go off into your little world and then come back and the teacher would be talking about something else. I didn’t do that often, but I did it. Guilty! I’m also guilty of a wandering mind when I am supposed to be focusing on God and hearing His voice. I have to reign in my wandering thoughts and get myself back to where I am just listening, not telling God all of my problems or wants. Just listening. That way, I can work on finding that right path that He wants me to be on.

How about you guys, my readers? Do you ever struggle with just sitting quietly before the Lord? Our prayers, in my opinion, are not meant to be a one-way monologue or “wish list” that we present to God before we move on to our day. It is supposed to be a conversation with God, and in conversations, both participate. God is teaching me not to be in such a hurry to get on with my day, but to wait for His affirming or correcting words. No matter what He says to me, it is always encouraging and necessary for me to hear. This is not to say that God cannot and does not speak to me throughout the day. Of course, He does! But my special devotional time is when I hear Him most clearly and when He seems to speak to me the words that I need to hear to change the me that needs to conform more to him.

Have a blessed day, everyone, with listening ears and hearts.

3 thoughts on “God Directs Our Path

  1. Oh, yes. When I close my eyes to digest what I’m reading, or to pray more fervently about an issue, my mind wanders to many things totally unrelated to my devotions. Like you, I must be more mindful about sitting quietly before my Lord, and listening.
    Thank you for your insight.

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  2. Yes, I get distracted. I try to connect with Him through little moments within my day so that He stays a consistent part of my life without a sense of force. You know, in a way that comes naturally. It has been really helpful that way. Also looking through other blogs during my time off of school has helped me connect in a greater way. Blessings!

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