Day#24 of Being Thankful

I’m thankful for my niece today and the memories she brought to mind. She went to my old hometown and took photos of my grandparents’ house and my parents’ house. I think I spent an equal amount of time just about in both places, since I was blessed to have my grandparents only about fifteen minutes away from where I lived. These photos are from online because I couldn’t get my computer to save the ones that my niece sent. So many memories…good and bad, but mostly good. During this season of Thanksgiving, I am thankful that I grew up in a home with two parents and near my grandparents. Family is so important because the ties there are the ones that lead you to form your own ties later. Little did I know that when I left home to go to college that I would get married and move twenty five times, never really settling into one home. My children do not have the benefit of having a memory of one home, but they have determined to give that memory to their children and I am overjoyed because of that. How about you? Are you thankful for the memories of the place where you spent your childhood? Blessings for an evening filled with good memories!

My grandparent’s home. The trim was a dark brownish red, like the shutters when Nanny and Pa lived there. So many nights spent there watching Ed Sullivan with them and just talking to them as they settled in for the night. Tears come to my eyes as I remember the last time I was there. My aunt and I were packing it up because Nanny was placed in a nursing home and Pa was in the hospital dying from an inoperable brain tumor. They would not want me to be sad…so thinking of good memories!

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The house that I grew up in has changed a lot because it has been remodeled several times and gone through many different owners in the last four decades. The current family changed our old playroom into a master suite. They were very nice to my niece and allowed her to come in and take photos of the place as it is now. So many, many memories! I lived there from the time I was six until I left for college. My bedroom, which I shared with my sister, was the window next to the porch where the white door is visible. Thankful for the time I had there with my parents and four siblings.

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6 thoughts on “Day#24 of Being Thankful

  1. Lee Poskey

    That’s a beautiful post miss Vickie.

    I totally relate to how you feel about your old homes, that’s why a lot of my posts recently feature our old family home on lake Anahuac Texas.

    Go to YouTube sometime and listen to the song by Joe Diffie called “home,” or Kenny Roger’s song called “twenty years ago.”

    When I listen to those songs, I have to try to not cry.

    Our affection for our roots never die for many of us do they miss Vickie?

    Thank you for sharing this message that is special to you.

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    1. My parents moved to Florida shortly after I got married and we had our first child. I have never been back to the house after helping pack everything up. So it was a bittersweet walk down memory lane to see everything.

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