Day #30 of Being Thankful

Today, I am thankful for forgiveness. It all started with the cross about two thousand years ago.

Jesus died once and for all on the cross, so I am forgiven. And He told me to forgive others as God has forgiven me. My daughter, Hope Bailey, wrote a wonderful post about forgiveness today on Facebook. Here is what she said:

Each of us has experienced our fair share of hurt (and then some). Relationships are not easy. Death happens. Illnesses and deficiencies are a reality. Maintaining perfect mental health is impossible. Emotional heartache is draining. Life can be excruciatingly hard. Some of that pain is so deep that it doesn’t feel like it will ever subside. I have a tendency to isolate when people don’t rise to my expectations – when they disappoint and fall short, leaving me on my own or worse. I’m so thankful that I discovered the power of forgiveness before bitterness choked any chance of restoration. Most of the time, people don’t apologize. I’ve found that sitting and waiting for words that may never come will quickly turn into a bitter root. Forgiveness is the key, regardless of whether the person knows what they did. I’ve been wounded time and time again by people. Sometimes, I have to choose to forgive all over again because the old hurts have a tendency to resurface. I thank Jesus for His example of forgiveness. I thank Him for the healing and restoration I feel when I make that decision to stop, capture the negative, believe and then declare, “I forgive”.

Forgiveness is a choice, so we need to make the wise choice of releasing others. Then, our hearts are free to love them as God meant for us to love. I am grateful for forgiveness today, the forgiveness of Christ that has set me on the road to forgive others along the way of life. I hope each of you has made that decision. It is freedom! Freedom for yourself and for the one whom you forgive. Let go and let God! Blessings, my friends! Let the forgiveness begin with a simple prayer and then maybe a letter or a phone call. Whatever it takes so that you know that you have forgiven, truly forgiven and moved on.

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