The Way Jesus Came to Save the World

I read a Dr. Denison article again this morning that really made me think of something that I had never really considered before. Jesus is God, and He is the only person born who chose His parents. As the article goes on to describe, He could have chosen to be born as a son of a ruler or a priest, but He chose to come to the house of a carpenter. Here is the link to the original article. Please feel free to skip all of the kerfuffle about President Trump, since he seems to cause a kerfuffle even when he isn’t trying. Scroll down and read about Jesus and His choice to come to earth in the family in which He was born. And think about the fact that none of us was given a choice. We got our parents because God chose for us, just as He chose for His Son.

As my daughter and I discussed this fact, she played a song for me that I haven’t heard in years.

A Strange Way to Save the World

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