A Different Kind of Vacation

For the last two and a half weeks, my husband and I were traveling in Pennsylvania and Maryland, visiting our children and grandchildren there. The first leg of the trip was memorable and relaxing; well, as relaxing as possible with a family of five children. The youngest is three and had her birthday on Christmas Eve which was during our visit. We have tons of good memories of our visit there, talking with the older kids and cuddling the younger ones. We had stopped in Maryland briefly on our way to Pennsylvania because it breaks up our long trip. When we returned to Maryland, it was to an entirely different household than what we had experienced in the past. The visit was memorable, but not so relaxing because of a death in the family. Our daughter-in-law’s grandmother was in the hospital and not doing well. She had contracted pneumonia and was having difficulty fighting the disease in her weakened state. Dee was moved to hospice on Christmas Day, and we arrived back in Maryland on the 27th. Since Dee had become a good friend over the years of knowing her and her family, I was very upset that she was doing so poorly. I had visited her in the hospital before heading to Pennsylvania and I was surprised that she was going downhill so quickly. I continued to pray for her and to help out with my son’s two young children while his wife visited the hospice as much as possible. On the 29th, Dee went to be with the Lord, listening to Billy Graham and the invitational “Just As I Am.” Following her passing there was a whirlwind of activity to prepare for a funeral, right at the holidays. Everyone knew that Dee was a Christian, with a strong faith in the Lord, so we were all certain that she went to be with the Lord. That fact doesn’t make it any easier to accept the death of the Christian matriarch of the family; her influence was far-reaching and she will be greatly missed. Dr. Denison’s article today was all about being ready for death whenever it comes. We don’t know when that might happen because death is a thief that takes our life. What we have to remember is that life continues eternally if we believe in the Lord and His salvation. I told the four-year-old repeatedly that her grandmother was in Heaven with Jesus and was happy and not in pain anymore. It’s wonderful when we know that someone who has died has gone right into the arms of Jesus, but it is still sad for the family and friends left behind. Dee’s death was a warning to all that death comes and takes whomever it will, whenever it will. I will miss her greatly because she and I used to chat at the family gatherings, talking about our children and grandchildren and our faith in the Lord. A hole is in my heart because of her loss, and I am positive that the hole in the hearts of her family members is a gaping wound that will take a while to heal.

Photo from biblestudytools.com

Below is the link to Dr. Denison’s article that I feel is so appropriate for how I am feeling today. I am home again, but my thoughts and prayers are with my daughter-in-law and her family in Maryland. Loss is never easy, even when the one you dies is a Christian.


Blessings to all of you! My prayer for you is that you will value your life and the life of others, knowing that each day is a gift from God.

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