Merciful God

Have you ever thought what it means to you that God is merciful? I was pondering this truth yesterday and today after this was one of the Scriptures that I read.

Think about that one! The Lord is WAITING to show you mercy! I have done a lot of waiting in physician’s offices and it is no fun to wait. It’s like you never know when your name will be called, so you continue to listen intently. That’s what I imagine God is doing…listening intently for me to call on Him and cry out for His mercy. God, who always makes the right decisions for me, is delighted when I call on Him. And, bonus! Having put my trust in the Lord, I am a happier person for it!

God hears us and listens to us. We don’t have to wait until we are in trouble to call on Him. I call on Him daily, over and over again. I say things like, “Lord, give me wisdom, ” or “Lord, bless that person who was short-tempered with me. She must be having a bad day and needs your intervention,” or “Lord, keep that driver safe who is driving too fast and erratically. Grant that he/she may not harm himself/herself or others.” You see how it works. I am in a perpetual state of prayer. I start in the morning and end when I go to bed. For each challenge of life, there is a prayer to be sent to the Lord. In His mercy, He hears…He listens to my words and sends an answer.

Blessings to each of you, my dear readers and followers, for a day filled with talking to God. But, don’t forget to take time to listen! For He may have something important to speak to your heart today.

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