A Child of the King

Have you been following the news about Harry and Meghan? Harry was born into the royal family, a grandson of the reigning monarch of Great Britain. It is one country in the world in which royalty is emphasized and still seen as important. However, this royalty is not eternal. Nothing in this life is. What is eternal is our relationship with the Lord. Once we have accepted Jesus as our Savior, we become a child of the King of Heaven, an eternal recognition that we are His, bought with the dear price of His own blood. So, while I follow the news about Harry and Meghan and get more and more upset about how they seem to want to toss their royalty to the side, I can’t help but feel relieved that God is holding on to me and I’m holding on to Him. I am a child of the Eternal King of Glory! I may never be called a princess or a duchess or any of those names that people immediately bow to; nevertheless, the Lord calls me His, and that is enough!

Here is Dr. Jim Denison’s report about the royals:


And here is my praise song for today:

I’m a Child of the King by the Gaithers

Blessings to each of you royals out there! Wear your crown proudly because the Lord has made you His child, a child of the One True King!

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