Lest We Forget

I remember many farewells, probably because we moved so many times. I recall telling good friends at different bases that we would keep in touch…and then I didn’t. I confess that I got busy with my new life at the next base and forgot those that I had left behind. From all our friends at all the bases we lived, I have one good friend with whom I keep in touch. Well, at least, we exchange a letter every Christmas about what is happening in our family these days, if that counts as keeping in touch. It seems that I have forgotten more than I remember.

But one thing I have vowed never to forget. Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day. No, I did not live during the Holocaust. However, as a young teen, I read the “Diary of Anne Frank” and cried over the loss of someone so young. As a young Christian, I read about the horrors of the Nazi concentration camps in books by such people as Corrie Ten Boom. I was afraid that such a thing could happen to so many people while the world did nothing, so I feared that it could happen again. I understand that there was not technology like we have today, a world in which images are sent worldwide in seconds. Nevertheless, I am determined to raise my voice for those who can no longer do so, because the Nazis in their fervent hatred of all things Jewish did their best to wipe out an entire population. Thank the Lord that they did not succeed! Where did such hatred come from? Dr. Denison has good insight into this:


I will close with a Scripture verse, taken from a wall sign on sale at Amazon.com:

God loves each of us, especially His chosen people, the Jews. Today, we call them Israelites because they have their own country. Pray for Israel! Pray for peace in Jerusalem! And pray that another Holocaust never occurs again! May God bless the souls of those destroyed by hatred and may God’s great love spread throughout the world! Thank You, Lord, that you do not forget your people. Thank you, Lord, that you are our God and that you love us so that we can love others.

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